The Phone Call I Enjoy

The Phone Call I Enjoy

March 18, 2019—A couple of days I received that phone call I enjoy so much. It goes like this:

Caller: “Hello, Dr. G? You probably don’t remember me, I was a student at the seminary a couple of years ago and never took a class with you. Now I’m in a church in an education staff position and . . . “

Me: “So, how’s that working out for you?”

Caller: “. . .Ummm. Well, I need some help. I realize I don’t know what a church educator does. Can you help me?”

At that point I resist two conflicting urges, (1) to laugh with inappropriate glee, and (2) to tell them to return to seminary and complete the lacuna in their education.

If I’m successful in being more sympathetic, I try to be helpful, point them to some resources, and give them the short list on what (real) church educators do:

Israel Galindo is Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning at the Columbia Theological Seminary. He is the author of the bestseller, The Hidden Lives of Congregations (Alban), Perspectives on Congregational Leadership (Educational Consultants), and A Family Genogram Workbook (Educational Consultants), with Elaine Boomer & Don Reagan, and Leadership in Ministry: Bowen Theory in the Congregational Context.

His books on Christian education include Mastering the Art of Instruction,The Craft of Christian Teaching (Judson), How to be the Best Christian Study Group Leader (Judson), and Planning for Christian Education Formation (Chalice).

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