Virtual Victor Contest



Enter the Virtual Victor Contest! Prizes galore!

The library staff are thrilled to welcome Dr. Victor Aloyo, the 11th president of CTS, to campus!  We have already enjoyed his generous hospitality and contagious energy.  Dr. Aloyo is busy getting to know all of the student, faculty, and staff on campus – and all of the buildings too! 


In the spirit of the timeless classic children’s book, Where’s Waldo, we invite you to find the Virtual Dr. Aloyo (Victor) who is hiding, virtually, in eleven places in the library building.


The contest is open to all CTS alumni and current CTS students, faculty, and staff.

A drawing for prizes will be held on November 11.


Two $50 Amazon gift cards will be given in the following four categories:


Current Students




On your mark, get set, GO!  Find Virtual Victor!

  1. Go to the JBCL virtual tour.

  2. Find ALL of the ELEVEN Virtual Victors.

  3. Report your findings at: