Douglas, Mark

Dr. Mark  Douglas

Dr. Mark Douglas

Professor of Christian Ethics; Director of ThM Program

Phone: 404-687-4650


Office: CH310 / Box 17F

CV or Resume

Dr. Douglas’s wide-ranging interests include: ethics in neo-orthodox theologies, medical and business ethics, the American philosophical tradition of pragmatism, and the role of religion in political philosophy. He is currently researching and writing at the intersection of environmental issues and conflict studies.


  • PhD, University of Virginia
  • MDiv, ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • BA, Colorado College

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA)


Believing Aloud: Reflections on Being Religious in the Public Square, 2010, book
Confessing Christ in the 21st Century, 2005, book
Publisher of @thispoint, Spring edition, 2015, journal
Roundtable Discussion: “Valerie Saiving and Reinhold Niebuhr: Peer-Reviewed 50 Years Later” The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 28.1 Journals (Spring). Co-edited with Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, 2012, journal
Contributor- “The Just War Tradition Faces the Remnants of War,” The Impact of 9-11: The Day that Changed Everything? Matthew J. Morgan, ed. (New York: Palgrave Macmillan), 2009, chapter
Contributor- Ted A. Smith, ed. “If the church accepts homosexuality . . .,” Frequently Asked Questions About Sexuality, the Bible and the Church: Plain Talk About Tough Issues, (San Francisco: The Covenant Network), 2006, chapter
Contributor- Timothy Beale., and Tod Linafelt., eds. “The Passions of the Reviewers,” The Passion of the Christ: Biblical and Theological Perspectives, Chicago: Chicago Up, 2005, chapter
Contributor - Ron Stone and Robert Stivers, eds. “Resistance, Affirmation, and the Sovereignty of God,” Resistance and Theological Ethics, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2004, chapter
Contributor- William D. Richardson, J. Michael Martinez, and D. Brandon Hornsby, eds., “Theological Arguments and the Case Against Capital Punishment,” The Leviathan’s Choice: Capital Punishment in the 21st Century, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2002, chapter
“The Relevance of Experience and the Experience of Relevance” The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 28.1 (Spring), 2012, article
“Democratic Structures and Democratic Cultures: A ‘Response’ to Paul Hanson and David Novak” Cross Currents 59.2 (June), 2009, article
David Bartlett., and Barbara Brown., Taylor, eds., Theological Exegesis Essays for a dozen passages (thus far), Feasting on the Word: Lectionary Commentary Series, Louisville: WJKP, 2008, article
“Searching for Stars” and “Finding Time: A Response to Bill Harkins and Kathleen O’Connor,” @ this point: theological investigations in church and culture 1.1 (Spring), 2006, article
“Reformed Theology and Public Leadership”, with Lewis Mudge and Jim Watkins. Theological Education (Fall), 2004, article
“Rethinking the “just war” tradition,” Presbyterians Today (November), 2003, article
“Changing the Rules: Just War Theory in the 21st Century,” Theology Today 54.1 (January), 2003, article
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“Agreeing to Disagree,” The Journal for Preachers. 22:4 in other Books (Pentecost), 33-38, 2000, article
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