Worship centers and animates the daily rhythms of life Columbia Theological Seminary. The CTS community gathers four times a week for Services of Word, Word and Table, and Morning Prayer. Led by groups of faculty, students, and staff, worship is a reflection of our unity and our ecumenical and theological diversity. In worship we encounter God and one another, and we are transformed by these encounters.


"My professors made space for me to explore a spirituality deeply rooted in creativity, and helped me realize that images can proclaim as much as words."


The Worship Experience on Campus

Senior Chapel Teams

Chapel services at Columbia Seminary are often led by teams of students. Senior MDiv students practice the arts of theological reflection as well as the skills of hospitality that are essential to the public prayer and praise of the people of God. Building on knowledge gained through introductory worship and preaching courses, students from diverse backgrounds encounter God through this sacred work and shape an encounter with God for the Columbia Seminary community. As students acquire skills in collaborative worship planning and leadership, they are mentored by a faculty or staff advisor and by Dr. Rebecca Spurrier, Associate Dean for Worship Life.

Spaces of Worship at Columbia Seminary

The community often gathers in two locations. Historic Campbell Hall Chapel has been at the heart of Columbia Seminary’s campus since 1925. Harrington Center Chapel offers a flexible and creative space for the movement of the Spirit among us. At other times we pray together on the quad or in the community garden. Worshipping in different spaces reminds us that God is present with us in all aspects of our life together, connecting our worship with our study, service, and play.


Chapel services are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:00 noon.

Next week chapel will be planned and led by Senior Chapel Team 2:  Sarah Are, Matt Conner, David Randolph, and Emily Wilmesherr.

  • Mon, Oct 24: Service of Word, Campbell Hall Chapel
  • Tue, Oct 25: Service of Word, Campbell Hall Chapel
  • Thur, Oct 27: Service of Word, Campbell Hall Chapel
  • Fri, Oct 28: Service of Word and Table, Campbell Hall Chapel

Note: Next week we will resume the CTS practice of taking up a monetary offering as part of our Service of Word and Table. The offering is received each Friday for a designated ministry/organization to be chosen by members of the CTS Community. Offering baskets will be located on the table outside the chapel.

Oct 26: Forum on “Shoe-Strings for Abundant Life–Voices from Congo Speak Out for their Voiceless Sisters.” This weekly Forum will be a dialogue presentation of the leaders of FEBA/Woman Cradle of Abundance. Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Student Coordinating Council. Our weekly Forum will be held in the Ellis Room, Wednesday, October 26 at 11:00 am-12:30 pm. Details Here.

For more information contact Dr. Rebecca Spurrier, Associate Dean for Worship Life, at SpurrierR@ctsnet.edu. You can also find information on our Facebook page, CTS Worship.