Financial Aid

general-tile-13Columbia Theological Seminary offers generous need-based financial aid which is comprised of institutional grants, scholarships, and work-study. With many students receiving support for the majority of their tuition cost, it is one of the best offers around! Institutional aid will be awarded to eligible full-time, masters degree students who submit the FAFSA. The following information covers our masters degrees.

What you need to know about financial aid for your education:

  1. How much it costs to attend Columbia Theological Seminary depends on how many courses you take.
  2. Tuition for 2020-21 is $504 per credit hour and most classes are three credit hours.
  3. Most full time students take 27-30 credit hours in one academic year which equals $15,120 in tuition.
  4. Institutional financial aid is available to full-time students only.
  5. Students receiving institutional aid usually receive at least 50% of tuition in scholarship funding.
  6. On-campus Employment is available but NOT included as part of the institutional aid package.
  7. FAFSA is required to qualify for institutional aid ( and our school code is G01560).
  8. CTS does not include federal loans in our institutional aid packages; however, you may be eligible for a student loan and can apply through the Office Financial Aid upon arrival.
  9. We offer subsidized on-campus housing options for full-time students (for both single students and students with families).
  10. Returning students are eligible for scholarships if they maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  11. We recommend applying for outside scholarships to cover the remaining costs of attendance.
  12. In short, you can expect an institutional aid package which covers at least 50% of your tuition expense.
  13. Student Employment is on a First Come First Served basis for students who are not covered 100% for the academic year.
  14. Students who receive full scholarships are asked to participate in the Columbia Ambassador Program, which asks students to volunteer for service at various special events during the academic year.

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