Supporting Wounded Ministers

Ministering to Ministers

In Times of Crisis

Supporting Ministers

Ministering to Ministers helps support the emotional, spiritual, and physical health of clergy who are in the midst of crisis.

Who We Are

In 1994, a group of ministers who had experienced crisis and separation with their church along with a group of lay people joined together to form Ministering to Ministers (MTM) as a non-profit foundation to serve clergy in crisis. MTM was formed to serve ministers in all church groups and their families with counsel, prayer, and support in difficult situations.

When a minister is involuntarily separated from a church, both minister and the church are wounded. Ministers and their families may experience spiritual, mental, and psychological stress. MTM assists clergy in crisis after a forced termination or through events that could possibly lead to a forced termination.

These services extend to pastors, associate pastoral staff, ministers, church program staff, and clergy spouses

“Although it was difficult to hear so many colleagues have experienced similar upsetting situations in the church and in our service to God, I also felt so surrounded and uplifted by community. My spouse and I are both grateful for our experience.”

— A Wounded Ministers Retreat Participant

How We Help

We advocate for spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and legal support for ministers in all faith groups. We offer help and support along your journey that can include therapy assistance as well as trained individuals to join you on the path to healing with additional support.

“Having a safe space and a sacred space to share my story with others who are on a similar journey was invaluable. The presence of others helped me to know I am not alone, and I am not beyond recovery.”

— A Wounded Ministers Retreat Participant

Give to Ministering to Ministers

Ministering to Ministers is financed through gifts from individuals, businesses, churches, denominations, and foundations. Ministering to Ministers extends services to pastors, associate pastoral staff, ministers, church program staff and spouses of clergy when they are in the midst of crisis. Thank you for your financial contribution to help these ministers and their families.