Love Those Classics

Love Those Classics

Every once in a while, at my former church, we’d break out the old (and I mean old) hymnbooks for a Wednesday evening hymn sing.

People would call out the numbers of their favorite hymns to the song leader and…

Knowing When To Fold ‘Em: The Plight of Second Chair Leaders

Congregational staff who occupy the “second chair” often find themselves in a precarious position related to the prospects of their tenure.

Sometimes circumstances dictate this, but also, the relationship with the senior pastor can be a major factor, or, simply…

The Spiritual Roles of the Christian Teacher

Teaching is one of the primary functions in the Church, both in importance and necessity. In the early church, the function and calling of teaching was indistinguishable from that of Pastor. But in our age of specialization the role of…

Education by Israel Galindo

What you should know about Effective Learning groups

We have all experienced effective and non-effective learning groups.

Why is it that some are effective and others are not?

I would argue that learning experiences that provide more time for critical reflection and dialogue result in more effective learning.

What are the basic functions of a congregational educator?

I had an interesting discussion with a layperson who has just accepted the call to lead her congregation’s Christian education ministries.

She was feeling a bit overwhelmed (close to panic, actually) as she started to get a grasp of the…

The biological bases for seeking faith

Jaak Panksepp was the Estonian neuroscientist and psychobiologist known for his work in the area of emotions. In his work “Affective neuroscience of the emotional BrainMind: evolutionary perspectives and implications for understanding depression,” he identified the seven primary-process…

Forget everything you know about teaching…it’s wrong

I’ve been in the field of education, from elementary education to higher education, long enough to see fads come and go and dominant philosophies rise and fall.

Along the way, several unfortunate notions about teaching and learning persist, seemingly immune…

Five Common Responses to Anxiety

Bowen systems theory helps us understand relationship dynamics universal to relationship systems, from families to corporations, to churches. Systems theory identifies four common responses when it comes to how we handle anxiety. Here’s an example.


Agnes is an anxious…

What’s in a Name? Education for Formation?

In 1966 Jerome Bruner, Harvard psychologist and educator, wrote:


“There is a dilemma in describing a course of study. One must begin by setting forth the intellectual substance of what is to be taught, else there can be no…

Education by Israel Galindo

Learning through Constructivism

The increase in the use of instructional technologies in seminaries over the past decade, especially online learning, has lived up to the term “disruptive technologies.”

As faculty become more adept at using instructional technology they have become more aware of the…

Leading from the Right Side of the Brain

I’ve been a lifelong doodler. At times doodles have turned into sketches and sketches into drawings. This graphite drawing of a sharecropper titled “Toil,” done several years ago, started as a doodle which eventually became a favorite rendering, which today…


The Opposite of Faith is Certitude

At a recent conference, I shared that, “The opposite of faith is not doubt; it is certitude.” A participant e-mailed me afterward asking me to expand on the concept. He said “I’m trying to get my arms around this concept.”…

Education by Israel Galindo

Two Dilemmas Facing Churches Today

A friend took me out to lunch recently. He’s a retired pastor, former seminary professor, former interim minister, and currently a part-time hospice chaplain. Ministry offers varied vocational outlets, so that profile is not that unusual.


As two vocational…

Assessing Christian Education in the Church

The 2011 book Move: What 1000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth, by Hawkins and Parkinson explores the question of whether church members actually grow through their participation in Christian education and discipleship programs. The concept behind the book, and the…

Education by Israel Galindo

Thinking is easy (or is it?)

Quick quiz: What philosopher said, “To think is easy, to act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.”? Answer… None. I pulled that quote out of a fortune cookie at lunch at a local…

Education by Israel Galindo