Student Organizations


Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA, previously known as the Student Coordinating Council, is the official representative body of students advocating for the Student Body of Columbia Theological Seminary. The SGA is composed of elected student body officers, elected class officers, and representatives from each of the student clubs and organizations to collectively work to better community life on campus through sustainable programs, advocacy, and campus events. The SGA partners with the faculty, staff, and administration of our seminary to serve as lines of communication with the Student Body in the hopes of fostering an informed and cared for community.

There are lots of ways to get involved, from serving as an elected officer, to volunteering for a faculty committee, and even starting a new student organization. Come join one of the monthly meetings and offer your voice on issues within our community. All students are welcome!


African Heritage Student Association (AHSA)

A space for those students whose background heritage is linked to and influenced by the African diaspora and those who support the advancement and celebration of this heritage at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

ASA is a group of students who come from Asia cultural background. Indian-Canadian, Korean-American, Vietnamese-American, Indian, and Korean students are our members. ASA is helping Columbia Seminary community be more colorful and diverse.

Fellowship for Theological Discussion (FTD)

Following a week of class, this organization meets off campus in order to engage in in open, theologically informed discussions about weekly events, national affairs, or our own curiosity.  Each week’s discussion focuses on a provocative question sent out in advance, and all members of the Columbia Theological Seminary community are welcome. The atmosphere is laid back, appetizers are provided and ordering alcoholic beverages is permitted.

Hispanic and Latinx Association (HALA)

HALA Exists to provide a safe and brave space for students of Hispanic or Latinx heritage, and their allies, a structured environment for personal, spiritual, and academic growth in the context of a seminary education and life in ministry. HALA provides a space for students of Hispanic and Latinx heritage to expand on their, and fellow seminarians, experience and understanding of these communities in Atlanta, the US, and worldwide; and to foster imaginative and resilient leaders in current and future Hispanic and Latinx inclusive communities, faith based and otherwise.

Imago Dei

Seeks to promote the welcome and inclusion of all people, especially those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Imago Dei seeks to help the CTS community engage with issues surrounding inclusion on campus, in our churches, and in the world. We host events and forums to create conversation between peope of different world viewpoints around gender and sexuality and train organizational leaders to be effective in creating safe spaces.

Outreach and Justice

Strives to empower and equip the body of Columbia Theological Seminary staff, faculty, students, and families to engage in faithful action with the compassion and love of Christ. We provide opportunity for our Columbia community to participate in this liberating action, seeking justice through humble service both on and beyond our campus.

Shaping Attention to God’s Earth (SAGE)

We are a group of staff, students, families, and faculty who are interested in and dedicated to Shaping Attention to God’s Earth (SAGE) in our personal practices, on and throughout our campus, and into the wider world. We hope to make the conversation of sustainability louder on campus and to transform life on campus to counter-culturally value materials, earth, bodies, food, and each other as valuable, gracious gifts from God. In lifting up each other’s dreams, we do various projects in the CTS community garden and on campus involving food justice, spirituality, and stewardship.

Spouses of Seminarians (SoS)

Provides opportunities for fellowship among those who come to Columbia Theological Seminary with their partners. The group is open to all and meets regularly for Bible study, dinner out, and other fun activities. SOS also plans and provides for many of the events that take place with the apartment residents on the back campus, fondly known as The Village. Family-friendly get-togethers range from cookouts to bowling nights to holiday celebrations and beyond. We invite all spouses and partners to join us!

Student Editorial

An organization dedicated to providing a forum for seminarians to practice writing for established communities, often periodicals and newspapers, that are looking for local events and interest stories.  Those with editing skills or graphic design are also welcome.


Works to create opportunities of fellowship and hospitality on campus. Actions are inspired by the belief that when we gather together, we take steps to bring about the Kingdom of God, leaning on Matthew 18:20, which says “where two or more are gathered,” God is there. TWO hosts one fellowship event per month, as well as weekly potluck in the NRH basement, where all are welcome! We value fellowship, diversity, hospitality, genuine relationships, eating together, and laughing together. We hope you will join us!