B740L DMin Leadership Core Course: Dialogue, Diversity, and the Ministry of Conflict Transformation

Courses Descriptions

ATA497 ThD Comprehensive Examinations ATA499 ThD Dissertation Research B501 Essentials of Greek B505 Introductory Biblical Hebrew B505S Introductory Biblical Hebrew B520 Old Testament Interpretation I B521 Old Testament Interpretation II B530 New Testament Interpretation B540 Ruth, Jonah, and Esther: Hebrew-based Exegesis B541 Exodus: Hebrew-based Exegesis B542 Text to Table: Methods in Old Testament Interpretation B543 Metaphors, Imagery, and the Prophetic Imagination: Hebrew-based Exegesis B547 Pentateuch, Prophets, and Psalms: Hebrew-based Exegesis B548 Deuteronomy: Hebrew-based Exegesis B549 Song of Songs: Hebrew-based Exegesis B550 The Ten Commandments B551 Creation Texts: Hebrew-based Exegesis B552 Genesis: Hebrew-based Exegesis B553 Eighth Century Prophets: Hebrew-based Exegesis B554 Ezekiel: Hebrew‐based Exegesis B554 Joshua and Judges: Hebrew-based Exegesis B555 The Book of Daniel and Biblical Aramaic: Hebrew-based Exegesis B556 Poetry and Prophecy: Hebrew-based Exegesis B557 The Book of Kings: Politics, Prophets, Worship & War: Hebrew-based Exegesis B558 The Psalms: Hebrew-based Exegesis B560 Philemon and Matthew: Greek-based Exegesis B561 Romans: Paul, Empire, and the Meaning of God B562 Mark and Method: Greek-based Exegesis B563 Luke and Method: Greek-based Exegesis B564 Parables: Greek-based Exegesis B566 Luke-Acts: Greek-Based Exegesis B568 John: Greek-based Exegesis B569 Philippians and Luke: Greek-based Exegesis B570 Acts of the Apostles and Galatians: Greek-based Exegesis B571 Matthew: Greek-based Exegesis B572 First Corinthians: Greek-based Exegesis B573 Revelation: Greek-based Exegesis B574 Hebrews: Greek-based Exegesis B601 Proverbs: Wisdom for an Uncertain World B602 Texts of Terror B603 The Bible & Literary Theories B604 Contextual Interpretation: Maternal Eve in Cultural History B605 Genesis B606 Song of Songs B607 The Little Bible: The Psalms in Dialogue B608 Ecclesiastes and Its Consequences B609 The Bible and Hermeneutics of Wonder B610 Dialogue, Diversity, and Transformation in the Old Testament B611 Images of Violence in the Old Testament and Ancient World B612 Lamentations and 2-Isaiah B613 Wrestling the Word: Old Testament Theology in Christian Faith and Practice B614 The Emergence of Yahwism B615 Old Testament Theology B616 Exodus B618 Women of the Old Testament B622 Creation, Eschatology and Ecology B625 Luke-Acts Seminar B627 Gospel Parables B628 Postcolonial Readings of the Gospels B629 Mark B630 The Bible and Visual Art B631 New Testament Spirituality B632 Intersectionality, Social (In)Justice and Womanist/Feminist Biblical Interpretation B633 Revelation, the Church and Politics B635 Roman Slavery, the New Testament, and Contemporary Slave Narratives B636 Race and the New Testament B637 Paul as Local Theologian B638 Luke and African-American Interpretation B639 Paul in His Hellenistic-Roman World B640 Dissent, New Testament, and Justice B652 The Book of Kings: Politics, Prophets, Worship and War B653 Eighth Century Prophets B669 The Letters of Paul B671 Paul in Prison: Philippians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Colossians B672 Romans B674 New Testament Ecclesiologies B676 Apocalyptic Ecology B680 First Thessalonians B683 Sex, Celibacy, and Siblings B692 Exegetical Research in Old Testament B693 Research in Old Testament Criticism or Theology B694 Independent Study in Biblical Languages B695 Exegetical Research in New Testament B696 Research in New Testament Criticism or Theology B699 MA(TS) Final Independent Study B702 ThM Thesis Reading & Research Biblical Area B703 ThM Literature Review Biblical Area B704 ThM Thesis Writing Biblical Area B740J DMin Justice Core Course: Biblical Perspectives of Justice B801 The Tree of Life: A Study of Proverbs B802 Texts of Terror: Teaching the Bible Critically for Lay Audiences B805 The Bible and Poverty B806 Love, Desire, and the Song of Songs B807 Genesis B808 The Book of Job B811 Old Testament Theology B819 The New Testament, Economic Justice, and Implications for Ministry B822/B722 A Dwelling Place for God: Creation, Eschatology & Ecology B827 Wisdom’s Wonder: Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes B828 The Bible and the Ecology of Wonder B832 Womanist and Feminist Biblical Interpretation and Social Justice B833 Revelation, the Church and Politics B835 New Testament Spirituality in a Global Context B851 The Gospel According to Matthew B855 Ecclesiastes and Its Consequences B862 The Gospel Parables B871 Rebuilding Our House: Community and Theology in the Post-Exile B874 Apocalyptic Ecology HD533 Introduction to Theology HD540 Christianity as Cross-Cultural Movement: Christian History and Presence HD542 Exploring Christian History HD543 History of Christianities: Beginnings through 1700 CE HD544 History of Christianities: 1500 CE through 2000 CE HD550 Christian Theology I HD551 Christian Theology II HD560D Love and Justice HD561 Ethical Leadership in an Age of Sectarianism and Polarization HD562 Providence, Theodicy, and Ethics HD563 Debate and Advocacy for Just Public Policy HD564 Envisioning and Practicing Beloved Community HD565 Histories of Christian Ethics HD566 Christologies and Politics HD567 Protest in the 20th and 21st Centuries: History and Practice of Nonviolence HD568 Issues in Medical Ethics HD569H Christian Ethics in Conflict HD570 Presbyterian History and Polity HD573 History of Race, Racism, and Reconciliation in American Christianity HD574 Histories of American Christianity HD580 The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque HD581 A Historical & Theological Survey of Islam HD582 Doing Theology amid Religious Pluralism HD583 Introduction to World Christianity HD584 Jesus Christ in Global Perspective HD585 Survey of Christian History in Africa HD586 African Women’s Theologies HD587 Global Religion, Local Faith: A Historical Survey of World Christianity, 1500-Present HD588 African Christianities and the World HD601 Histories and Diversities of Theology in American Culture HD602 Christianity in Asia in the Early Modern World HD603 Women in the Reformations (1400-1700) HD604 The Age of Reformations HD605 History of Religion and American Popular Culture: From the Nineteenth Century to The Hunger Games HD606 Eucharist of Crumbs: Women and Vocation in the Medieval Church HD607 Luther HD610 Reformed Theology: Its Shape and Development HD611 Theology of the Holy Spirit: Pneumatology HD612 Theologies of Baptism & Eucharist HD614 Theology and Community: A Lived Theology Approach HD615 Theology, Ethics, and Sexuality HD615M What is the Church Today? HD616 Creating and Leading Communities of Just Practice HD617 Doing Theology at the Margins HD619 Black Church Studies Seminar HD619W Does God or Do You Need the Church? HD620 Ethical Practices: Nonviolent & Intercultural Communication HD621 Ethical Practices: Conflict Transformation HD622 Ethical Practices: Difficult Dialogues & Democratic Dialogue HD623 Ethical Practices: Nurturing the Moral Imagination HD624 Prophetic Criticism in the 21st Century: Ethicist as Social and Cultural Critic HD625 Feminist and Womanist Ethics HD626 Science, Religion, and the End of the World HD627 Figures and Themes in Liberation Ethics HD628 Virtue Ethics for Social Justice HD631 Interfaith Dialogue: Genesis, Theory & Practice HD635 Five Faces of Islam HD638 Christology HD661 Feminist Theologies HD663 Theologies of the Cross HD664 Theology of Karl Barth HD670 Religion and Violence HD672 Love and Justice HD691 Independent Study in Church History HD693 Independent Study in Theology HD694 Independent Study in Christianity and World Religions HD695 Independent Study in Philosophy HD696 Independent Study in Mission, Ecumenics, and World Christianity HD697 Independent Study in Ethics HD699 MA(TS) Final Independent Study HD702 ThM Thesis Reading Historical Doctrinal Area HD703 ThM Literature Review Historical Doctrinal Area HD704 ThM Thesis Writing Historical Doctrinal Area HD740J DMin Justice Core Course: Women of Color as Public Theologians HD801 History of Race, Migration, and the Making of the American Church HD802 Histories of Presbyterian Experience in America HD810 Reading Karl Barth for Ministry HD811 Antiracist Theologies HD814 Theology and Community: A Lived Theology Approach HD815 Prayer HD816 History of Western Christian Spirituality HD817/HD717 Classics of Christian Devotional Literature HD827 The Early Jesuits HD840 Germany/Reformation Travel Seminar HD846 South Africa Travel Seminar HD860 Asian North American History and Theology HD861 Ethical Leadership in an Age of Secularization and Polarization HD863 Eucharist of Crumbs: Women & Vocation in the Medieval Church HD871 Ethical Leadership in an Age of Sectarianism and Polarization HD878 Public Speaking: Shaping Theological Voices for Public Discourse HD879 Women of Color as Public Theologians HD880 The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque HD882 Doing Theology Amid Religious Pluralism I500 MA(TS) Seminar I510 Imagination and Resilience for God’s Changing World I520 Contextual Immersions I530 Cross/Roads: MDiv Capstone I605 Theological Anthropology and Pastoral Care and Counseling I609 Readings in Spiritual Classics I611 The Bible, Theology, and Science: From Creation to New Creation I612 History, Theology and Polity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) I619 The Cross and the State: Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Dimensions of Prison Ministry I620 Men in Ministry I625 Wellness: Ministering From a Balanced Life I626 Paul, Empire, and the Meaning of God I627 Race, Racisms, and Reconciliation I633 Profits and Prophets: The Bible, Ethics, and Economics I701 ThM Research Methods Seminar I705 ThM Colloquium I721 Church and Ministry DMin Introductory Seminar I722 Gospel, Culture & Transformation of the Church Introductory Seminar I723 Christian Spirituality DMin Introductory Seminar I730 DMin Introduction to Research Methodologies Seminar I731 Project Proposal Workshop I732 Project Literature Review I735 DMin Doctoral Project I828 The Bible and Ecology: A Green Awakening I840 Sexuality, Marriage, and the 21st Century Church I874 Faith in a Time of Climate Change: Travel Seminar to New York City & Washington DC P150 Scripture Reading Practicum P500 Introduction to Practical Theology P501 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Christian Education P502 Faith and Human Development P503 The Spiritual Lives of Children P504 Global Christian Spiritualities P506 Teaching Bible Through Liberative Pedagogy P510 Introduction to Christian Leadership P512 Congregational Leadership and Church Administration P514 Turnaround Congregations through Evangelism & Community P515 The Art of Reading Congregations P516 The Beloved Community: An Introduction to Public Ministry P517 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry P518 Evangelism and Congregational Development P520 Introduction to Pastoral Care P530A&B Preaching and Public Proclamation P540 Introduction to Christian Worship P541 Worship and the Arts P542 Missional Worship P544 Worship through the Phases of Life: Occasional Services P545 Sacred Space, Time, and Liturgical Imagination P546 Christian Worship, Human Difference, and Divine Justice P549 African American Christian Worship and Preaching P550 Capstone Course in Practical Theology P601 Transforming the Confirmation Journey P602 Intercultural and Inter-religious Intelligences: Learning and Teaching a Posture of Openness P602S Christian Education in a Small Member Church P603D The Arts in Christian Teaching and Learning P604 Youth Ministry P604C Collegiate Ministry: History, Methods, and Vocational Discernment P605 The Spiritual Lives of Children P606 Camp/Conference Program and Administration P606P Engaged Compassion as Educational Model P607 Curriculum Planning & Evaluation in the Local Congregation P607A Technology and Christian Education P607D Curriculum Planning & Evaluation P608 Using Children’s & Adolescents’ Literature in Christian Faith Formation P609 Introduction to Recreation Ministry P609H Spirituality and the Arts P612 Evangelism, Photography & Social Media P613 Evangelism and Social Justice P613W Urban Evangelism and Social Justice P614 Future of Ministry: Being the Church in the 21st Century P615 Theological Grounding and Development of the Virtual Church P616 Evangelism and Videography: Story as Witness and Outreach P617 Reaching Young Adults in the Digital and Media Age: Foundations of Young Adult Ministry P618 A Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership P619 Visual Storytelling P620 Pastoral Theology and Care in Film and Literature P620W Mindfulness and Self-Care for the Helping Professions P621 Death, Dying and Grief: Intergenerational and Intercultural Perspectives P621W Pastoral Care and Counseling with Couples P622 Family Systems Theory for Ministry P622W Spiritual Care for Black Women P623 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy P623W Postmodern Spirituality and the Black Church P624M Listening Practicum P625 Pastoral Imagination in a Violent World P625B Healthy Boundaries, Harmful Borders P626M Pastoral Accountability in Intercultural Care P627 Pastoral Care of Couples and Families P627M Disaster Spiritual Care P628 Pastoral Counseling in the Parish P628A Pastoral Care Across the Life Cycle P629 The Art and Practice of Theological Reflection P629W Couples, Families, and Cultural Change P630 Contemporary Homiletical Theories and Theologies P631 Post-Christian Proclamation: Seeking Resilience in God’s Changing World P632 Black Religious Leaders from the Civil Rights Era to the Present P632C Preaching in Times of Disaster and Crisis P632F From Sanctuary to Screen: Adapting to Online Preaching and Worship Leadership P633 Curating Church P635 Preaching and Worship through the Christian Year P636 Preaching, Politics and the Pursuit of Justice P637 Postmodernism: Why It Matters for Preaching P637M Stand-up Preaching P638 Preaching Justice in an Age of Globalization P639 Back to the Text: 1st and 2nd Kings P640 Ritual Practices in the Church P640P Worship Planning Practicum P641 Womanist/Feminist Spirituality and Worship P641P Worship and the Arts Practicum: Words and Images for Worship P642D Disability and Ministry P643 Writers’ Workshop: Words for Worship P644 Worship and Culture in the 21st Century P645 Worship and Culture: On the Brink of Chaos P646 Early Church & Reformed Worship P647 Worship in the World P647W Irreconcilable Differences: Baptism and Slavery in the American Colonial Context P648A Worship and the Arts: Theology and Practice P650 Disability and the Church P670 Pastoral Care and the Experience of Crisis and Trauma P674 Intercultural and Interfaith Pastoral Care and Counseling P676 Psychopathology and Pastoral Counseling P680 The Preacher and the Poet P682 Prophetic, Imaginative Preaching for God’s Changing World P686 Preaching, Creativity and the Arts P691 Worship and Preaching Through the Christian Year P692 Music, Liturgy, and Imagination P694i Independent Study in Worship P695i Independent Study in Preaching P697i Independent Study in Spirituality P698i Independent Study in Ministry and Administration P702 ThM Reading & Research Practical Theology Area P703 ThM Literature Review Practical Theology Area P704 ThM Thesis Writing Practical Theology Area P740L DMin Leadership Core Course: Change & Its Agents: Leadership in the Third Millennium P770 DEdMin Introductory Seminar P771 Teaching and Learning Theory P772 Advanced Study in Faith and Human Development P773 Advanced Study in Curriculum Theory P774 DEdMin Educational Care Resources P775 Development of a Curriculum Design P779/ATA496 DEdMin Doctoral Project P804 Global Christian Spiritualities P812 A Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership P813 21st Century Church: Church in the Networked World P822 Pastoral Imagination in a Violent World P830 Church as Cultural Curation P834 Family Systems Theory in the Asian American Context P835 Novel Preaching P838 Pastoral Care and the Experience of Crisis and Trauma P845 Worship and Culture: On the Brink of Chaos P853/P753 The Preacher and the Poet P870 The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Culture and Change P882 Prophetic, Imaginative Preaching for God’s Changing World P885 Transformative Pastoral Leadership SM505 MAPT Contextual Education SM510 Congregation-Based Internship SM520 Internship within an Institution SM530 Basic Internship in Specialized Ministry SM540 Internship in an Emerging Faith Community SM610 Practicum in Clinical Pastoral Education (Basic Unit) SM611 Clinical Pastoral Education (Advanced Unit) SM620 Congregation-Based Internship (Advanced) SM630 Advanced Internship in Specialized Ministry SM640 Directed Supervised Ministry SM650 Intern Year: Congregation SM660 Intern Year: Specialized Ministry SM690 Supervised Ministry: Independent Study SM780 Practicum: Church & Ministry SM781 Practicum in Preaching SM782 Practicum in Christian Spirituality SM783 Practicum in Gospel and Culture SM787 Practicum in Educational Ministry