Triangle Games

Triangle Games

The concept of the emotional triangle often is referred to as the “building block” for emotional process dynamics in relationship systems (families, churches, organizations, etc.).

Dual relationships (one on one) are difficult to maintain so it does not take long…

Do Not Judge

At a conference I experienced that familiar unsettling situation where an audience member asks a question, you do the best you can to respond on your feet in-the-moment, only to later, after the event is over, come up with a…

Leaving Well

I have had many conversations with clergy who are contemplating leaving their ministry settings.

It’s not unusual for these consultations to come in waves, and it is always interesting that they do.

It seems that issues, crises, fads, and topics…

Use Entry Points to Help Students Get Into the Lesson

How do you help students to get the point you’re trying to teach?

More often than not most of us try the direct approach: “Just tell them!”

But a paradox in learning is that often students do not learn what…

Education by Israel Galindo

Learning is not an outcome of Teaching

The counter-intuitive notion that learning is not an outcome of teaching can be a challenging concept.

This is natural, for several reasons.

First, due to our experiences, we tend naturally to associate teaching with learning.

Second, despite the logical connection…

Education by Israel Galindo

Nine Things I Learned About Leadership (So Far)

One axiom about vocations is that it takes about three years to learn a job and about four and a half years to get competent at it.

It’s something I tell seminarians as a caution about the complex work of…

Common Sense in Pastoral Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is one of the fields of research that currently is being applied to pastoral leadership.

I think it holds great promise for effective pastoral leadership because the nature of leadership in the context of congregations is more about…

Questioning Change: The Leader as Change Agent

“Making good judgments about what needs to be preserved, what might be altered, and what should be totally redesigned are the difficult issues that institutions face.” Green and Hayward, Transforming Higher Education.


Change is the constant in organizations because…

Shedding Light in the Dark Night of a Forced Termination

It is almost impossible for anyone to go through a forced resignation, the loss of one’s livelihood, the rejection by people to whom one gave one’s life, without feeling some depression.

This can show up physically in degrees of anxiety,…

Changing Others, Changing Self

A very nervous young bride-to-be was counseled by her pastor on a way to stay focused for getting through the ceremony.

“Take it one step at a time,” said the minister, “When you enter the church tomorrow, you will be…

Everything Takes Five Years

I am often reminded of what my friend Margaret Marcuson, author of Leaders Who Last, says about bringing about change in congregations, which is, “Everything takes five years.” While that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, it’s not far from the truth. Over…

On Knowing What You Are Actually Doing

Many folks who find themselves engaged in the task of congregational education tend to be able to jump right in and keep the programs running. And they do an acceptable, if not admirable, job of keeping things going smoothly. Programs…

Education by Israel Galindo

Helping and Ministering At End-of-Life

I’d always known we were a death-denying culture. I learned that first from the classic work by Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death. I learned it again when I served as a hospice chaplain for six years, prior to…

It Only Takes a Few of Them

The forced termination of clergy remains one of the most difficult, and often tragic, issues for congregations.

It can take a congregation years to recover from the forced termination of a pastor—and so, also, for the pastor.

A single episode…

Breaking out of Gridlock

June 17, 2019—I consulted with a couple of organizations that were “stuck” but motivated enough to get moving toward becoming “healthier.” As I worked with the leaders and employees of both organizations I was reminded of some fundamental truths about…