Ministry to the “Living Saints”: Older Adult Ministry Certificate

Ministry to the “Living Saints”: Older Adult Ministry Certificate

April 27, 2017—As the Older Adult Ministry (OAM) Certificate program, a partnership with POAMN (Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network) enters its third year, we are celebrating the accomplishments of three who have recently completed the program and received their Certificate…

“Yes, but is it valid?”

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education.

April 24, 2017—Discussing the Leadership in Ministry workshop’s focus on Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST), a friend asked where the theory fell in the divide between…

Celebrate World Labyrinth Day with the Spirituality Program

April 20, 2017—Saturday, May 6, 2017 is World Labyrinth Day. We’ll add our steps for peace to those of others around the world. The Spirituality Program and The Labyrinth Society invite you to “Walk as One at 1” in the afternoon,…

Cognition and Faith

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education.

April 17, 2017—What is the difference between religious thinking and “religiosity.” Or, what is the difference between faith and magical thinking? When I worked at a state…

Cognition, faith and religiosity presented by Matthew Hutson

Spirituality Program Participants Share: “What Brought You Here?”

April 13, 2017—What brought you here?

“One of the great spiritual longings of modern times is the longing for ‘depth.’ Some might call this a search for meaning or a desire for connection. But I think the longing for depth…

For the Bookshelf: Women’s Lives in Biblical Times

By Amanda Edwards, MDiv/MAPT candidate.

Jennie Ebeling’s book, Women’s Lives in Biblical Times, is a unique combination of fiction and academic research from multiple sources that reconstructs women’s lives in an ancient Israel village. Ebeling was motivated to write the…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Yes, and… Discerning Nudgings

By MaryAnn McKibben Dana, MDiv ’03.

April 6, 2017—For the past several years, I’ve been fascinated by the connections between improvisation and the spiritual life. The more I study and play with improv, the more I see it as a…

“Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrew” Course Open for Registration. Sign Up Before it Fills Up!

March 30, 2017—The Center for Lifelong Learning will again offer the popular, author-led overview to the Horizons Bible Study for the 2017-18 year. Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews is a thematic study of the Letter to…

For the Bookshelf: Family The Forming Center

Thompson asserts that whatever happens in the family life “inevitably touches our spiritual lives, whether for good or for ill”

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

“I’d rather do ten funerals than one wedding”

Kimberly Bracken Long, Associate Professor of Worship at CTS, recently released her new book From This Day Forward: Rethinking the Christian Wedding (WJKP, 2016). She will teach an online class for the Center for Lifelong Learning in the fall of…

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something You

By Paul Lang, Spirituality Course Leader

In the fall of 1999 I encountered the Liturgy of the Hours for the first time. I arrived at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia weary after a long drive and…

How Devotionals Match Our Lives to God’s Story

By Melissa Tidwell, MDiv ’15

When was the last time you had a good conversation with a true friend? In a busy world full of acquaintances and strangers and lots of online interactions, I relish the times I can have…

Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

By Debra Weir, Associate Director, Spirituality and Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary.

February 23, 2017—Greetings from Montreat Conference Center! This week I’m with the Certificate in Spiritual Formation class, Illuminating the Text, led by Ann Laird Jones. It…

Pastoral Imagination and Emotional Intelligence

By Michael Lee Cook, Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care

It is no longer a secret that faith communities, particularly mainline denominations, are in a precarious state and facing an uncertain future. Some evidences of the sea of changes include declining…

What Real Christian Educators Know

…”real” Christian educators need to know certain other foundational things to inform their work. Without a deep knowledge of these foundations educators will be hampered in their effectiveness.

Education by Israel Galindo