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expressed in radical individualism, meritocracy, and unfettered capitalism. Under this understanding, humans are owners rather than stewards, and value is measured by abundance and the ability to contribute to what the culture deems relevant.

Vantage Winter 2021


NRH Renamed Riggs Commons
Letter from the President
Prayers for Learning, Living, and Loving in Between
Reverberating Love: Oldenburg’s Enough is Best
Libraries Thriving through COVID-19 and Beyond
Growing Up Columbia: Mary Martha Riviere’s Unique Perspective
Learning from a Distance
Preparing Christian Leaders Faithfully, Together; Grants for Churches to Plan, Strategize, Revitalize, Flourish
Inside every issue
Seminary, Alumni, and Faculty Updates
Final Word: Dr. Ward

God with Us

Fall 2019


Preserving Our History

Summer 2019



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