Fear, Clay, and Takeaways: Creative Persistence

Fear, Clay, and Takeaways: Creative Persistence

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending time at the Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina. Montreat is one of those oasis-type spots where time stops, people are unusually friendly, square dancing occurs on Friday evenings, creative expression abounds, and…

creative clay work

It’s All Part of the Pilgrimage

“It’s All Part of the Pilgrimage. . .”

This is the phrase we were encouraged to repeat to ourselves as we set out for the Holy Land in the early spring of 2014. There were twenty-seven of us from all…

Moving Prayer

By Kathryn Sparks, Adjunct Faculty of Liturgical Dance, Wesley Theological Seminary.

July 20, 2017—Praying through bodily movement is an ancient form of communication with God and is practiced by people of every faith expression in the world. Indeed, prayer offered through…

Beauty, Variety, and the Presence of God

By Mark Douglas, Professor of Christian Ethics.

Over thirty years ago, cosmologist Thomas Berry wrote,

Because our sense of the divine is so extensively derived from verbal sources, mostly through the biblical Scriptures, we seldom notice how much we…

Intentional Reformations

By Sarah Erickson, Director of Lifelong Learning.

I was born in 1954, in northeast Ohio, the same year as Brown v. Board of Education. My school district integrated with little fanfare, or so it seemed to me, by the time…

Discovering What You Need in the Storm

By Monica Citty Hix, Certificate in Spiritual Formation graduate.

When a winter ice storm hit Atlanta in February 2014, it wreaked havoc on the city and prompted the leadership in the Lifelong Learning program to cancel a class on Hildegard…

Texts of Terror

By Ryan Bonfiglio, Lecturer in Old Testament, and Certificate in Spiritual Formation course leader.

The Bible is full of beautiful passages that nourish the soul and inspire our faith. There are parables about hidden treasures and forgiven sons. There are…

Alone or Together

By Melissa Bane Sevier, author of  Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews (2017-18 Horizons Bible Study Guide) and course leader.

Like most writers, I love to read. A few years ago I went through a phase of reading…

The Power of Written Conversation

By Sharol Hayner, DMin ’17 and instructor for Readings in Spiritual Classics.

Online courses provide a contemporary learning opportunity—one with which some of us are unfamiliar and frankly, uncomfortable. What a different experience to be in a learning community without…

Meet Ally

By Ally Markotich, Spirituality Program participant.

June 1, 2017—I’ve enjoyed ‘routine’ for as long as I remember. I wake early in order not to miss too much of any given day. Three meals are not an option. The rhythm of…

Meet-ally as new terminology during a Spiritual Formation class adventure

Ralph Watkins and Marthame Sanders connect art, inspiration and ministry

aijcast (art, inspiration, justice) is a weekly podcast hosted by Marthame Sanders. Featuring artists from a variety of media, we explore the connections between the artist and their art, their sources of and hopes for inspiration, and how it all…

If You Ask the Wrong Question You Will Always Get the Wrong Answer

By Jan Edmiston, DMin ’01 and 222nd General Assembly Co-moderator with T. Denise Anderson.

We hear the same burning questions as Church Leaders over and over again:

How can we bring young people back into the church?

How can…

Kids driving a boat

The Celts: the people “at the end of the world”

By Carl McColman.

May 11, 2017—The Celts are the people of the end of the world.

Visit the tip of the Cornwall peninsula and you will find a rocky placed called Land’s End, where the thundering surf of the Atlantic…

Learning Together Apart: The Case for Online Learning

May 4, 2017—The Center for Lifelong Learning offers a wide array of online classes to nourish and enrich the lives and ministries people around the world, and the Spirituality Program offers several of these classes. Offered in an asynchronous learning…

Ministry to the “Living Saints”: Older Adult Ministry Certificate

April 27, 2017—As the Older Adult Ministry (OAM) Certificate program, a partnership with POAMN (Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network) enters its third year, we are celebrating the accomplishments of three who have recently completed the program and received their Certificate…