Holy Encounters


Join the PSR staff on a life-changing pilgrimage experience on the Camino de Santiago.

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Join us for a life-changing, pilgrimage experience!

Our journey takes us across the Northern coast of Spain on the ancient Camino de Santiago northern route, also known as The Way of St. James. As we journey towards the purported resting place of the remains of St. James the Apostle, we will disconnect from the modern world and journey inward towards a deeper awareness of our self and our faith. As clergy, spiritual leaders, and preachers, you need time to invest in your own personal growth and faith development. This pilgrimage will facilitate opportunities for you to make space in your mind and soul for holy encounters, to explore the edges of your comfort zone, and to engage your spirituality in an embodied way. Morning devotions and reflections will be offered for spiritual growth, evening group processing of your experiences will be offered for emotional growth, and gentle stretching and restorative yoga will be offered for physical growth.

Preachers will be guided by two experienced pilgrims, walking 7-15 miles per day, and staying in semi-private rooms. We will begin our Camino, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the beautiful and autonomous Basque region of Spain for the first week, hiking along coastal cliffs and through small, quaint villages. After a day off in the large city of Bilbao, we will transfer by bus to Vialba, in the Galicia region, to finish the final 100 kms, ending in Santiago de Compostela. There we will tour the Cathedral of St. James where the Apostle James’ remains are believed to be located, attend a special pilgrim’s mass, and receive your pilgrim’s Compostela, the official pilgrimage certificate of completion.