Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees represent only a small part of the cost of providing theological education. Most of the cost is met through gifts from individuals and churches and by endowment income. Additional services to the student are also provided on a subsidized basis.

Columbia Theological Seminary offers generous need-based financial aid which is comprised of institutional grants, scholarships, and work-study. With many students receiving support for the majority of their tuition cost, it is one of the best offers around! Institutional aid will be awarded to eligible full-time, basic degree students who submit the FAFSA. Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Payment of Fees

Tuition, fees, room, and meal plan charges must be paid to the Business Office by the deadline set at the beginning of each term and are subject to change annually.

Tuition & Fees 2021-2022




For questions regarding these policies, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 404-687-4521.


Subject to the following schedule, students are entitled to refunds when they drop a course or withdraw from school with approval from the seminary. A course is considered dropped or a student is considered to have withdrawn from the seminary at the time the Registrar receives written notice to that effect.

Fall and spring term classes (full-term). By the end of the:   

First week 100%
Second week 80%
Third week 50%
Fourth week 25%
After sixth week 0%

Classes less than nine weeks and greater than five weeks in duration. By the end of the:   

Third day of class 100%
Second week 50%
Third week 25%
After third week 0%

Winter term classes and other classes three to five weeks in duration. By the end of the:

Second day of class 100%
Fifth day of class 50%
After fifth day of class 0%

Two-week classes. By the end of the:

First day of class 100%
Third day of class 50%
After third day of class 0%

No refund of course supervision fees or of clinical pastoral education fees will be made. 

Housing and Meal Plans

A student who has entered into a lease agreement for a seminary housing unit for a term or semester is responsible for payment in full unless written notice that the unit will not be used is given to the Vice President for Business and Finance at least two weeks before the first day of classes. In that case, a 100 percent refund will be made. In other cases, a refund amount may be given upon the initiative of the seminary. A minimum charge of one month’s rent will be assessed as a penalty for breaking a lease.

A student who otherwise is required to be on the seminary’smeal plan, but who has a sufficient medical reason for withdrawing from meal plan status, may be granted a full refund if a written request is made to the Vice President for Business and Finance at least one week before the first day of classes. The seminary’s Vice President for Business and Finance determines the validity of an exemption from the meal plan, in consultation with the seminary’s Food Service Director.

A student who withdraws or drops out of school must vacate seminary housing and cease using its dining facilities or be held liable for room and meal plan charges beyond his or her last date of attendance.

More About Housing and Meal Plans