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Advent Resource – Print and Digital versions available this year! We are once again offering an Advent Journal to you and your congregations. If you would like to receive print versions for you and/or your congregation in mid-November, please fill out this form by October 20. These are available at no cost; we only ask that you cover shipping. See a sample of the 2020 Advent Journal.


An Advent prayer from Martha Moore-Keish, J.B. Green Professor of Theology:

Light of the world,
We feel the darkness pressing in all around us.
The bombs rain down.
The bullets fly.
The forces of oppression bear down on bodies of color in this and every land.
And what do you offer us, O Lord of mercy? Not much.
A spark of light.
A morsel of bread.
A wailing child.

And yet:
May this light scatter the darkness.
May this bread multiply and feed our aching hunger.
May the cries of this child awaken a sleepy world,
That we may see You again among us: O Light, O Bread, O Child of the Living One.


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