I874 The Church in a World of Displaced Persons: Travel Seminar to New York City & Washington DC

The Presbyterian United Nations Office and Columbia Theological Seminary regularly offer a Doctor of Ministry course on a topic of importance for the world and faith communities. The first week of the course, we will meet at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations and, for the first time in the course’s history, the second week of the course will be held at the Office of Public Witness of the PC(USA) in Washington D.C. Billions of people live where they were not born and, among them, many live someplace other than the place they call home.  While some of this movement is voluntary, much of it is not.  Displaced peoples—whether they are refugees, internally displaced persons, aliens, expatriates, or some other group—are a fact of global movement, an issue of global stability and security, and a part of the mission and ministry of the global church. How might the church, which carries its own theological sense of being displaced, understand displacement and address the concerns of those who have been displaced?  This course will examine the realities of displaced persons, develop theologies for understanding that reality, and pursue practices (including those associated with hospitality and advocacy) necessary for the church’s engagement with displaced persons. Along the way, students will have the opportunity to meet with United Nations staff, diplomats, NGO personnel, displaced persons and political advocates for them, and their own congressional representatives.
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