Certificate Programs

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The Center for Lifelong Learning offers four dynamic certificate programs in spirituality and leadership.

Most certificate courses are offered on the seminary campus, in Decatur, GA, with scheduling convenient for working participants. There are no academic prerequisites for admission to the programs, and there is no time limit on completion of the coursework. Most courses are open to participants who do not wish to complete the full certificate programs.

Christian Spiritual Formation

The Certificate in Spiritual Formation offers people in the pulpit, in the pew, in all denominations and stages of life, an exploration of community-grounded Christian spirituality that is rooted in scripture, theology, a history of the tradition, reading in the spiritual classics, prayer and meditation, and in skills for assisting others on a spiritual journey.

The Coaching Institute at Columbia Theological Seminary (TCI@CTS)

The Coaching Institute at Columbia Theological Seminary (TCI@CTS) offers clergy and other church leaders an opportunity to learn knowledge and skills to navigate their own way forward or guide others in a process of discernment and accountability.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction, often called spiritual companioning or spiritual friendship, is an intentional relationship between a person seeking spiritual guidance and a trained individual (the spiritual director). The Certificate in Spiritual Direction is for those seeking to discern their call and develop and strengthen their skills and gifts as spiritual directors.

Older Adult Ministry

The Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network have formed a new partnership that will better equip congregations and faith-based organizations to address the needs of older participants. The program is open to participants from any denomination or faith tradition.