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For 20 years the Spirituality Program at The Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary has been proud to offer courses in Christian Spirituality.

We now offer two certificate programs in our Spirituality Program for clergy or laypersons who wish to deepen their life with God and learn to assist others on their faith journeys.

Certificate in Spiritual Formation

The Certificate in Spiritual Formation offers people in the pulpit, in the pew, in all denominations and stages of life, an exploration of community-grounded Christian spirituality that is rooted in scripture, theology, a history of the tradition, reading in the spiritual classics, prayer and meditation, and in skills for assisting others on a spiritual journey.

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Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction, often called spiritual companioning or spiritual friendship, is an intentional relationship between a person seeking spiritual guidance and a trained individual (the spiritual director). The Certificate in Spiritual Direction is a 2 1/2 year training program for those seeking to discern and develop their gifts and skills as spiritual directors.

Spiritual Director Supervisor Training

Our Spirituality Program partnered with Together in the Mystery to offer a one-year training program for spiritual director supervisors. The training program, for experienced spiritual directors who seek to serve as supervisors for practicing spiritual directors and spiritual directors in training, was completed in May of 2017.


Upcoming Spirituality Program Courses

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Jul 26
Blessed at the Broken Places


Certificate in Spiritual Formation

J. Marshall Jenkins leads this class that explores biblical spirituality as a resource for people of faith experiencing emotional pain.

Sep 10
Living Prayer: The Spirituality of Everyday Liturgy


Certificate in Spiritual Formation Online Course

Carl McColman leads this class focused on ordinary habits and practices that can nurture faith and spiritual growth. The class will look at ‘liturgy’ for personal use with an eye toward sharing n...

Sep 28
The Soul and the Breath


Spirituality Program

Spiritual Directors will enjoy this half-day workshop exploring the layers of the soul. Presenter Steven Gold will lead a guided meditation practice and discuss the significance of the breath in coming to an experience and understanding of the...

Oct 04
Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life


Certificate in Spiritual Formation

This is the Spirituality program’s foundational retreat, introducing participants to classic spiritual practices and Christian understandings. The weekend includes plenary and prayer sessions, and personal reflection. This retreat is open to anyone seeking a closer...

Oct 18
A Dwelling Place for God: Renewing an Earthly Spirituality


Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Rediscover a Christian spirituality that is rooted in and integrates creation, worship, justice and hope. Dr. Stanley P. Saunders leads this class that will explore New Testament images of temple and creation to inspire...

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