The power of questions in teaching and learning

The power of questions in teaching and learning

There are two teaching behaviors that, once mastered, can help the teacher be more effective in bringing about powerful learning in the instructional setting.

These are both fundamental teaching skills (“basic”) but both seem difficult for many teachers to master.

Education by Israel Galindo

Developing Your Pastoral Intelligence: Emotional Fitness for Ministry Effectiveness

The fall course, Developing Your Pastoral Intelligence: Emotional Fitness for Ministry Effectiveness, is for clergy serving in congregational contexts who seek to assess and improve their leadership and ministry effectiveness. 

The program includes a nine-month coaching relationship…

So what is Education for, anyway?

It’s been an interesting academic year for conversations about educational matters.

Between the systemic COVID disruptions, the frenzied debates about online models of education, curriculum assessments, and consultations with faculty and school administrators about curriculum and learning, attending conferences for…

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A Q&A With the New President

A Q&A With Our New President

Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo joins Columbia on August 1. Read some reflections from him as he gets for his new role.

What is it that draws you to Columbia Theological Seminary?

Columbia’s commitment to…

Amateurs and Professionals

One thought from author Edwin Friedman that has stayed with me is about the difference between a professional and a hack.

He wrote that leadership competence is not about knowledge or expertise; a professional and a hack may know the…

Coaching, Connection and Hope

A friend recommended I sign up for the coaching class at Columbia.

Little did I realize the ripple effect it would have.

It has me leaning into hope.


In the course, the leaders framed the program for coachees to…

Six Basic Rules for Planning Church Education Programs

Here are six basic rules for planning a church education program:


The persons who show up at an event are the ones who need to be there.

I’m continually puzzled at the over-focus on numbers in congregations.

If 100…

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The Influence of an ‘Unseen Character’

Acts 9:10-18

10Now there was a disciple in Damascus named Ananias. The Lord said to him in a vision, “Ananias.” He answered, “Here I am, Lord.” 11The Lord said to him, “Get up and go to the street called Straight,…

The Times They Keep a Changing: Bivocational Ministry as the New Norm?

Most of the pastors in the world are bivocational.

That has always been true, asserts Karl Vaters, author of The Grasshopper Myth and Small Church Essentials.

Most people attend larger churches, so a larger multi-staff congregation is perceived to be…