Spiritual formation: Trust, Support and Guidance

Spiritual formation: Trust, Support and Guidance

The Center for Lifelong Learning offers two spirituality certificate programs in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation.

According to the CLL’s new Associate Director of Spirituality Programs, Sharon Junn, Spiritual formation is a process through which our awareness of God’s presence…

The 100% Myth

You’ve seen it.

After taking a congregational vote to call a pastor the tally shows a majority vote in the affirmative, maybe 90%, or 98%, or maybe 87%.

The decision is made, the new pastor will be called.



Effective components in continuing education

Engage in an array of continuing education courses and programs designed to address the daily challenges in ministry and professional settings. Whether you want to dig deeper into a familiar topic such as Christian education or learn something…

Don’t question people’s motives

Years ago I read C. Ellis Nelson’s Don’t Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide ( New York: Paulist Press 1978).

At the time it was a counterintuitive challenge to a commonly held belief, that we should let our conscience be…

Friendships in Faith

Much spiritual growth happens while we are alone: prayer, meditation, or perhaps nature walks appreciating God’s beauty.

In those times, free of distractions, we accept God’s love and presence deep in our souls.

We examine our hearts and perhaps discern…

Spiritual Direction: Sacredness, Presence and Listening

Spiritual Direction, often called spiritual companioning or spiritual friendship, is an intentional relationship between a person seeking spiritual guidance and a trained individual (the spiritual director).

It’s the decision to explore the inner self, the opportunity to accompany someone while…

Why Leaders Fail

There are many books on leadership and success.

There are fewer about why leaders fail.

Yet, in every field, leadership failures, terminations, and leadership derailment can seem more the norm than the exception.

Every year we read about university presidents…

Spark for the Soul

Ministry is not easy!

Finding new areas of ministry that still speak to the soul can be excruciating after over a decade of ministry.

Finding areas to grow and develop in ministry can be difficult, especially for those of us…