Dealing With Critics

Dealing With Critics

If you are the leader, critics come with the territory.


Few things are as frustrating and disheartening for a leader as being on the receiving end of undue criticism.

It seems that no good deed goes unpunished, no meaningful…

Anxiety, Security, and Risk

Anxiety can lead to reactivity in the form of a search for security.

This reactivity takes the form of people seeking certitude and demanding guarantees during times of uncertainty.

But the fact is that security, guarantees, and certitudes are myths….

Too Many Choices Can Keep You Stuck

A friend called asking for help.

She was stuck trying to make a decision.

After months of discussion, she and her family finally convinced her mother of the need to move her into an assisted living facility.

That’s never an…

Christians, Muslims and Engaged Missions Work

In the height of white America’s fear of Muslim people’s background and faith, the white congregation I served in northwest Washington leaned into learning about and experiencing life with our Muslim neighbors.

We knew so little.

We knew that anyone…

Are books at stake?

Librarians typically love books. Like, LOVE loves them.

No surprise there.

There is usually some specific quirk in a librarian’s personality that makes them prone to this love, or its extreme cousin, bibliomania.

If you don’t have this quirk that’s…

When is quitting okay?

Have you ever felt like quitting?

Did you ever find yourself in a job, a situation, a relationship, or a circumstance that became so difficult, impossible, untenable, unbearable, or just plain painful that you wanted to walk out?

Quitting is…

Columbia Seminary Receives Second Thriving in Ministries Grant

Columbia Theological Seminary has received a grant of $433,300 from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help the successful continuation of the seminary’s Pastoral Excellence Programs: Leadership in Ministry and Ministering to Ministers through its Center for Lifelong Learning.

Columbia Seminary’s Pastoral…

Can you prevent sabotage?

I once received a cryptic e-mail from a friend.

She’d been less than a year into a new church staff position.

In her e-mail she asked the question, “Can you stop sabotage?”

She didn’t go into details, but obviously, something…