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A Note from the Editor

Searching for Stars
Mark Douglas
Response Articles
Hard Grief Work and Holy Saturday
William Harkins
Reclaiming the Covenant after Disaster
Kathleen O’Connor
Author’s Response
Finding Time: A Reply to Bill Harkins and Kathleen O’Connor
Mark Douglas
Readers’ Responses
At this point, it’s your turn!
From This Point Onward: Lesson Plans and Annotated Bibliography
Kathye Dawson
Editor’s Notes
▶ A Note from the Editor
Kathy Dawson

A Note from the Editor

Welcome to @thispoint.net. As a faculty we here at Columbia Theological Seminary are committed to collegiality and interdisciplinary work, modeling ways of seeking wisdom even when we do not always agree with each other. This journal is a written form of our ongoing conversations.

Each spring and fall you can look forward to a new issue that focuses on a particular event or topic approached from a variety of theological disciplines. You can also expect to find an annotated bibliography and lesson plans for adult classes available for your use (free of charge) in the section “From this Point Onward” (Resources).

As our prospectus states, “we are concerned with developing an educated laity. The journal treats as its audience those in the pews whose faith continually seeks understanding and social relevance.” We invite you to continue the conversation with us in the reader response section. Let us know what you think about this issue and what you might suggest for future topics.

God bless our mutual partnership!

Kathy Dawson