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From This Point Onward


White Evangelicals Voted Overwhelmingly for Trump, Exit Polls Show
By Sarah Pulliam Bailey
November 9, 2016
Despite Trump’s anti-evangelical history and behavior, evangelical Christians voted for him in overwhelming numbers. There are a number of reasons why this could be, including extreme dislike for Clinton.

Catholic Vote for Trump
By Thomas Reese
November 9, 2016
More Catholics voted for Trump than for Clinton, most likely because there were more Hispanic voters in the 2008 election than the 2016 election. This is yet another win for the majority Catholic vote, as the majority has only voted for a losing candidate once since 1972.

White Christians Side with Trump
By Daniel Cox, Ph.D.
November 9, 2016
This article gives a breakdown of religious votes for Trump and Clinton, with the evangelical vote being cast overwhelmingly for Trump.

The Real “Shy” Trump Vote– How 53% of White Women Pushed Him to Victory
By Lois Beckett, Rory Carrol, Carmen Fishwick, Amber Jamieson, Sam Thielman
November 10, 2016
Surprisingly, it appears that despite Trump’s sexists comments and despite the fact that he ran against a white female opponent, the majority of white women voted for him. Issues of economics and other conservative policies were bigger issues to many white women than racism and sexism.

Exit Polls
November 23, 2016
This is a list of exit polls and statistics for the 2016 election.

Nearly One in Five Female Clinton Voters Say Husband or Partner Didn’t Vote | PRRI/The Atlantic Survey
By Betsy Cooper, Ph.D., Daniel Cox, Ph.D., Rachel Lienesch, and Robert P. Jones, Ph.D.
December 1, 2016
This article gives interesting statistics on non-voters and why they did not vote, voters and their spouses’ votes, political division in America, feelings post-election, feelings on voter-fraud, and optimist about the future.


Rising to Heaven in a Secular Rapture: Trump’s Golden Promises
By Eric C. Miller
November 16, 2016
Miller interviews Arlie Russell Hochschild, author of her newly published book, Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right. Attempting to find empathy for the American right, Hochschild went to Louisiana and interviewed conservative Americans about their politics and their hopes and fears for America. Hochschild’s research reveals fascinating results, and the article is ended with an urge to find common ground.

A New Theory For Why Trump Voters Are So Angry – That Actually Makes Sense
By Jeff Guo
November 8, 2016
Guo interviews political scientist Kathy Cramer who has spent the last decade traveling across Wisconsin getting to know rural conservative voters. She says these voters are angry for three reasons: they feel they have no decision making power, they fear they are not getting their fair share of public resources, and they feel they aren’t respected. Cramer goes on to explain many more facets of what it is like to be a rural conservative American.

What So Many People Don’t Get About the American Working Class
By Joan C. Williams
November 10, 2016
This is an incredibly helpful article if you are looking to understand the middle class stance on jobs, politics, and economics. The author gives a historical description of her own family and their views and values, and then she offers 5 major points for liberals to understand when attempting to regain the majority.

Why White Evangelicals are Feeling Optimistic about Trump
By Emma Green
December 1, 2016
Many White Evangelicals who voted for Trump are feeling optimistic about the health of their own communities and the country in the next four years. The “Make America Great Again” slogan truly felt like a prophetic statement to many Christians, and they are hopeful that America will be great again under Trump.


I’m With Them
By Erin Wathen
November 9, 2016
This article is the affirmation of the decision to be on the side of people who are or may become marginalized under the Trump administration. The author gives some guidance as to where to go from here.

Civil Rights Group Documents Nearly 900 Hate Incidents After Presidential Election
By Moriah Balingit
November 29, 2016
In just the first 10 days after the election results were in, nearly 900 hate incidents were reported across the country, with 300 of the attackers directly stating Trump or the election as the basis of the assault. While Trump has asked for these attacks to stop, he has not apologized or admitted that many of his remarks have instigated the attacks.

What I Wish My White Friends and Family Knew About Our Election Grief
By Dr. Benjamin L. Corey
November 10, 2016
It is clear that many white Americans do not know what it is like to be a minority in America. This article is written by the father of a daughter who is in the minority; he expressed his many fears for her and pleads for understanding from his white friends.

African American Faith Leaders Mourn Trump’s Election but Remain Resolute
By Adelle M. Banks
November 9, 2016
While still mourning over the election results, many African American faith leaders are moving forward in optimism while also preparing to continue to fight for the rights of minorities. They are adamant that their hope will not overshadow the fight for minority rights.

“I Don’t Feel Safe”: Undocumented Immigrants Fear What Trump Will Do As President
By Michael Miller
November 9, 2016
Many undocumented immigrants are afraid of what their fate holds under a Trump presidency, with the fear of deportation looming over their heads. Trump’s disparaging rhetoric incites fear in many immigrants across the country.

Being a Muslim in Trump’s America is Frightening. Here’s What We Can Do In Response.
By Arsalan Iftikhar
November 9, 2016
Despite Trump’s Islamophobia (and other phobias), Muslim Americans are rallying in ways never before seen in America. Many mosques and Islamic community centers held registration drives, and some Muslims were elected or reelected to office in several different states.

Advice For Muslims: How To Deal With A Trump Presidency
By Hakeem Muhammad
November 9, 2016
Staying rooted in religion, learning about and fighting white supremacy, and holding onto hope are the suggestions for Muslims in this article. The advice goes for all religions rooted in love.


Post Election: Can Divided Religious Leaders Heal a Divided Nation?
Interview by Steve Inskeep
November 11, 2016
Steve Inskeep interviews some faith leaders about how to become less divided as a nation and as Christians. The general consensus is that we all must begin to see all people, no matter what they look like, how much money they make, or what God they serve, as we see Christ.

Evangelical Christians Celebrate and Urge Unity; Other Wary
By Emily McFarlan Miller
November 9, 2016
This is a list of reactions on social media from many prominent Christian leaders, both excited for Trump and opposed to Trump.

Why Trump Tape Caused Only One Evangelical Leader to Abandon Him
By Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra
October 10, 2016
While many Evangelical leaders say Trump’s comments caught on tape were “deplorable” many leaders still stayed by his side. One reason given for this is that many leaders do not believe Clinton is any better, and at least Trump is on the conservative side of the abortion issue. Whatever the reason, Evangelicals are going to have a lot of work to do figuring out their role in politics from here on out.

What will Pastors Preach after the Election of Donald Trump?
Brandon Washington, John Ortberg, Aaron Cho, Samuel Rodriguez, and more
November 2016
This is a list of pastors of prominent American churches with brief descriptions of what they plan to preach to their congregations post-election.

The Moment the Church has been Working for
By Amy Butler
November 29, 2016
Now that the election is over, Pastors have the responsibility to state their beliefs and hold their churches to those beliefs. She highlights biblical views such as the inequality of resources, treatment and view of women, and love of our neighbors. Perhaps this is the time for christian faith to truly be put to the test.

1500 Interfaith Clergy Call on Lawmakers to Reject Trump’s “Cabinet of Bigotry”
Episcopal News Service
November 28, 2016
Leaders of several different faiths have joined together to ask republican lawmakers to reject some of Trump’s cabinet members. Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Michael T. Flynn are considered by many to be White Nationalists. The faith leaders are asking that these appointments be rejected.

Religious, Lay Leaders React to Trump Win in Presidential Election
By Catholic News Service
November 9, 2016
There are certainly mixed reactions among American religious leaders after Trump’s election including ones of excitement, concern, and doubt. Issues including abortion, minority rights, and homosexuality are fodder for many discussions between religious leaders and the American public.

Vigils and Protests Swell Across U.S. in Wake of Trump Victory
By Matea Gold, Kari Lydersen and Fenit Nirappil
November 10, 2016
Protests arose in prominent cities throughout the country after Trump’s election, joining people together with different emotions, opinions, and agendas. There were signs of both hope and despair, including “Love Trumps Hate” banners and also burning American flags.


3 Ways to Practice Civility After a Very Uncivil Election
By Ed Stetzer
November 9, 2016
This election is a personal call to Christians to act like Christians–to practice radical peace in the midst of the division in our country. The author gives 3 ways to do this: practice the golden rule, “be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger,” and model christian discourse.

Public Displays of Holy Protest – Moving Beyond Shame and False Unity
By Adam Erickson
November 12, 2016
The author rebukes “unholy” protests such as destroying property and bullying others. However, there are holy protests we can engage in, such as healing our emotions, reading the Psalms, listening to each other, and not engaging in a false call to unity.

Christian Ethics After Trump: A Letter to my Students (Silas Morgan)
By Kyle Roberts
November 11, 2016
Morgan’s letter to his students is helpful and important; he states that “best way to understand social action is to see it in at least three parts/steps: understand social reality, interpret social reality, and engage social reality.” He then explains how each of these things are relevant to Trump’s election.

Trump Inspiring More Churches to Enter Sanctuary Movement
By Jeff Brumley
December 1, 2016
Trump’s threats to immigrants is inspiring a “Sanctuary Movement” amongst many churches, universities, and entire cities. There have been other sanctuary movements in the past, and many are finding inspiration in those who have gone before them. Even with Trump’s threats to those participating in the movement, many are standing strong and committed to helping those at risk.

The Evangelicalism of Old White Men is Dead
By Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne
November 29, 2016
Many devout Christians no longer fall under the category of Evangelicals due to the fact that many who would have considered themselves Evangelical did not vote for Trump and do not stand for the same things Trump voters stand for. Evangelical now means the same thing as Republican. Those who are Christians and put Jesus before politics need a new name for themselves. Claiborne suggests, Red Letter Christians.

Trump Advisors: The Faith Factor
By Emily McFarlan Miller, Kimberly Winston, and Religion News Service
November 30, 2016
This article gives a list of Trump cabinet members (and possible members) and some things they have said and done. Members include Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, General James Mattis, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, Betsy Devos, Nikki Haley, Tom Price, and Steven Mnuchin. Many of these members and prospective members are actively involved in some type of religious organization.

Obama on His Legacy, Trump’s Win, and the Path Forward
By Jann S. Wenner
November 29, 2016
Obama gives Rolling Stone his views on the election. He shares his ideas on how Trump was elected, the democratic party’s strengths and weaknesses, the future of climate change policy, immigration reform, free press, and his life after the presidency.

An Open Letter to White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump
By John Gehring
November 29, 2016
The author writes a personal letter to those who voted for Trump, asking for a reevaluation of who Trump is, what he stands for, and who he is choosing to work beside him. He calls for self-evaluation of liberals as well, those who live in cities and are not able to have empathy for those who live in the suburbs and rural towns. He ends with a request for peaceful talks between the two sides.

At a Time of Upheaval, Violence is not the Answer – But Neither is Authoritarian Unity
By Rebecca Bratten Weiss
November 11, 2016
While it is not right for conservatives to be prejudiced against the poor, immigrants, and Muslims, it is also not right for liberals to be prejudiced against conservatives. At this point, the two sides must set aside their differences to come together not necessarily seeking unity, but at least seeking peaceful communication.

He is the President
By Edward L. Wheeler, Ph.D.
From a pastor to his congregation, this letter rebukes those who did not vote, encourages all to advocate for themselves and for others, and affirms his belief that God has the authority no matter what mistakes we make.

What’s Scarier Than a Trump Presidency? His Emboldened Followers
By Kevin Davis
November 9, 2016
Many who voted for Trump did so in the dark–they were quiet about it until election day, and they came out in droves. This quiet resistance has startled and upset those on the left, and the author of this article calls for a leftist quiet resistance.

3 Ways to Practice Civility After a Very Uncivil Election
By Ed Stetzer
November 9, 2016
This article offers three helpful ways to bridge the gap between the left and right as Christians post 2016 election. After a tumultuous and discordant year for the American people, it is the Christian’s responsibility to move forward in love and respect.

The Disaster That We Chose
By Michael Sean Winters
November 9, 2016
While the election results are shocking, it is clear that America as a whole has chosen not only Trump, but a change in identity. Those on the left must prepare themselves to peacefully resist over the next four years.

The Failures of Love
By J.R. Daniel Kirk
November 9, 2016
Donald Trump won this election not because the voters are misogynists, islamophobic, racist, etc., as Trump is, but because they were too self centered to see how these character traits may affect those other than themselves. While Trump’s hate may not affect white Americans personally, it will surely affect non-whites across the country. Trump’s election was a failure of love on the part of white America.

10 Things That Will Still Be True After Election Day
By Erin Wathen
November 7, 2016
A list of 5 sad things that are true and 5 hopeful things that are true help to provide vision for the next four years. Identifying our weaknesses as a country can help us know where to go next, and identifying some hopeful things can provide some peace and joy.

Patriarchy, Homophobia, Jen Hatmaker and Trump: Let Me Mansplain It For You
By Kerry Connelly
November 3, 2016
Evangelicals like Jen Hatmaker are being shunned from within the evangelical community, and all the while they were electing Donald Trump as their president. It is possible that patriarchy and misogyny is the root of many of America’s social problems, including homophobia.

Confessions of a Repentant Voter
By Scott McKnight
November 9, 2016
No matter what side of the political line you stand on, repentance is needed from all. This article provides a list of things to lay before Christ in repentance and sacrifice so that he can redeem them as only Christ can.