Creation on the Cross

Going Green

Going Green

Kathy Dawson

“Going Green” has become the latest trend in all aspects of life. We are more concerned than ever about energy usage and global warming, recycling and renewable resources. Our articles in this issue of @This Point certainly address these present realities, but ground our action toward environmental justice in the Bible and our Christian life together.


You will find here differences of opinion about the role of God in creation and practical resources for congregational engagement on this topic. Our writers come from the fields of biblical studies, theology, worship, and education. Each provides a particular lens on the world. It is our hope that adult classes will be stirred to discussion and action on behalf of God’s creation.



Kathy Dawson
@ this point co-editor

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Creation in Community – Faith and the Environment
Terence E. Fretheim
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Going Green Kathy Dawson