Addressing Clergy Mental Health

Addressing Clergy Mental Health

There are approximately 243,900 clergy employed in the USA.(1)

They are the spiritual and administrative leaders of faith-based organizations: congregations, churches, non-profits, denominations, etc.

They oversee funerals and weddings, visit ill and homebound congregants, provide spiritual direction and pastoral counseling…

Bridges Out of Poverty: ReKindle Project 2.0

Faith Presbyterian Church of Blue Ridge, Georgia, received a first-year reKindle grant in 2021 from the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Their grant project, titled “Nourishing Hope in Our Beloved Community,” was a joint effort with the…

Long Lives, Well Lived

In the 1970s, four couples in Spokane, WA, were busy raising families and building careers as they developed their lives and faithfulness at Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

It was a fun and busy time for their thirteen kids (me being one…

Change Is In The Air

As I write this, it is one of those brilliant mid-fall days where the whole creation seems sharp and clear. 

The sky is deep blue, with no visible clouds; the air is warm, but there is a pronounced undercurrent…

Mindfulness and Differentiation

“Mindfulness provides a simple but powerful route for getting ourselves unstuck, back into touch with our own wisdom and vitality. It is a way to take charge of the direction and quality of our lives, including our relationships within the…

Catching Up With Time

Others have shared a common theme with me recently: lack of time.  “If only I had more time to…” “There just aren’t enough hours in the day to…” “How do I make the most of the time I have left?”

Dementia and Its Theological Challenges: A Guthrie Scholars Reflection

I spent a very contented and fulfilling week at Columbia in May as a Guthrie Scholar.

I was particularly struck by how my area of study offered significant challenges to the practices and patterns of the Presbyterianism to which I…

Real Christian Educators Know This

Yes, Christian educators need to know how to run an effective Sunday School, and they need to know how to do that well.

But “real” Christian educators need to know certain other foundational things to inform their work.

Without a…

So, you want to retire in a year?

If you’re anything like the folks in churches I work with, you know the upheaval of the last few years has led to more people rethinking retirement.

And sure, some decide to put it off. But I’ve also run into…

Lessons Learned from Theological Literature: Thomas Merton

This blog’s topic, “Lessons learned from your favorite piece of theological literature and how you apply its lessons” has been the most challenging topic I’ve written about this year.

In fact, I’ve spent the year avoiding it.

How does one…

Christians, Muslims and Engaged Missions Work

In the height of white America’s fear of Muslim people’s background and faith, the white congregation I served in northwest Washington leaned into learning about and experiencing life with our Muslim neighbors.

We knew so little.

We knew that anyone…

Are books at stake?

Librarians typically love books. Like, LOVE loves them.

No surprise there.

There is usually some specific quirk in a librarian’s personality that makes them prone to this love, or its extreme cousin, bibliomania.

If you don’t have this quirk that’s…

When is quitting okay?

Have you ever felt like quitting?

Did you ever find yourself in a job, a situation, a relationship, or a circumstance that became so difficult, impossible, untenable, unbearable, or just plain painful that you wanted to walk out?

Quitting is…

Can you prevent sabotage?

I once received a cryptic e-mail from a friend.

She’d been less than a year into a new church staff position.

In her e-mail she asked the question, “Can you stop sabotage?”

She didn’t go into details, but obviously, something…

Spiritual formation: Trust, Support and Guidance

The Center for Lifelong Learning offers two spirituality certificate programs in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation.

According to the CLL’s new Associate Director of Spirituality Programs, Sharon Junn, Spiritual formation is a process through which our awareness of God’s presence…