Christians, Muslims and Engaged Missions Work

Christians, Muslims and Engaged Missions Work

In the height of white America’s fear of Muslim people’s background and faith, the white congregation I served in northwest Washington leaned into learning about and experiencing life with our Muslim neighbors.

We knew so little.

We knew that anyone…

Are books at stake?

Librarians typically love books. Like, LOVE loves them.

No surprise there.

There is usually some specific quirk in a librarian’s personality that makes them prone to this love, or its extreme cousin, bibliomania.

If you don’t have this quirk that’s…

When is quitting okay?

Have you ever felt like quitting?

Did you ever find yourself in a job, a situation, a relationship, or a circumstance that became so difficult, impossible, untenable, unbearable, or just plain painful that you wanted to walk out?

Quitting is…

Can you prevent sabotage?

I once received a cryptic e-mail from a friend.

She’d been less than a year into a new church staff position.

In her e-mail she asked the question, “Can you stop sabotage?”

She didn’t go into details, but obviously, something…

Spiritual formation: Trust, Support and Guidance

The Center for Lifelong Learning offers two spirituality certificate programs in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation.

According to the CLL’s new Associate Director of Spirituality Programs, Sharon Junn, Spiritual formation is a process through which our awareness of God’s presence…

Effective components in continuing education

Engage in an array of continuing education courses and programs designed to address the daily challenges in ministry and professional settings. Whether you want to dig deeper into a familiar topic such as Christian education or learn something…

Friendships in Faith

Much spiritual growth happens while we are alone: prayer, meditation, or perhaps nature walks appreciating God’s beauty.

In those times, free of distractions, we accept God’s love and presence deep in our souls.

We examine our hearts and perhaps discern…

Spiritual Direction: Sacredness, Presence and Listening

Spiritual Direction, often called spiritual companioning or spiritual friendship, is an intentional relationship between a person seeking spiritual guidance and a trained individual (the spiritual director).

It’s the decision to explore the inner self, the opportunity to accompany someone while…

Spark for the Soul

Ministry is not easy!

Finding new areas of ministry that still speak to the soul can be excruciating after over a decade of ministry.

Finding areas to grow and develop in ministry can be difficult, especially for those of us…

May You be Cloaked with Grace: Debra Weir Reflects on her time as Spirituality Director

Debra Weir, Associate Director for Spirituality of the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL), announced her retirement at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.


Debra joined the staff of the CLL in 2014 and has provided excellent direction to…

From The Ground Up: Digging Deeper Into Our Body-Garden Connection

Over the last several years, there has been a significant increase in the number of articles that discuss the health benefits that people can gain through gardening – opportunities for movement and relationship development, improved mental and spiritual wellbeing, chances…

Always Bring Pencils

As part of the Future Church Initiatives for Foothills Presbytery, I work with congregational teams.

As a coach, I walk alongside these groups through a process of discernment by listening with a deep sense of curiosity, asking powerful…

How to Minister to a Friend in Crisis

As I reflected on the topic, “how to minister to a friend in crisis,” I looked back on thirty-five years of ministry (especially the twenty-one years I spent in the Air Force as a Chaplain) and reflected on the lessons…

Praying with Teresa of Avila

In my home, as in so many others, Wordle has taken hold. Each day we wonder what today’s 5-letter surprise will be.

As I sit down to write this reflection, still constantly counting to 5, I see a word for…

Guthrie Scholars: Holy Friendships

“Under what conditions are you most productive?”

Her question surprised me.

As a wife, mother, writer, coach, pastor’s wife, grants director and who knows how many other titles I carry, I have learned to be productive in a variety of…