Adapt and Thrive Through Coaching 

Adapt and Thrive Through Coaching 

Our world is in crisis.

COVID-19 has left unprecedented challenges in its wake for leaders and organizations.

Sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and historic unemployment have become our current realities.

Adapting to the “new normal” requires retooling.  

Coaching is a great…

The Body of Christ and Our Bodies 

It was during another public health crisis, some years back, that a church friend walked into a meeting wearing a button that said, “The body of Christ has AIDS.”

Those words shocked and moved and inspired me. 

I realized how important it was…

Abuelo… en cuarentena

As the congregation moved from Mikell Chapel to the post-quinceañera reception, the young woman whose service we had just celebrated said to me, “Padre Bill, estás entre mis abuelos,” or, “Father Bill, now you are among my grandfathers.” 

Each week I can be found on the Cathedral Close…

Soul Tending: An Exploration of Practices for Spiritual Nourishment and Growth

We have entered into an unusual and deeply challenging season in the life of the world.

Whether we wanted to go there or not, we are now in many ways wandering this wilderness together and apart.

Many of us are…

Depression and Ministry: When a Good Soul Feels Bad

Washington psychiatrist Sheldon Kopp had a knack for finding great titles for good books.

He once wrote a book entitled The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But a Good Soul Feelin’ Bad.

I don’t remember much about the book, but I sure…

Pastors, their families and best practices

The paradox is that if we want our families to be healthy, balanced and whole, then we need to work on ourselves.

How do I bring my best self to my family?

If I say that something is important to…

The Story of Us

The internet didn’t exist when I was growing up.

I belong to the final generation who had to use card catalogs to look up books and microfiche.

Wild, I know!

I remember going to the public library a few times…


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I have learned many new technology skills during this time of physical isolation and virtual ministry.

I’m sure you have, too.

I’ve also discovered that I could reach…

Kathy Dawson and her handmade puppet Zeb.

A Heart Condition Worth Having!

This summer Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church has the wonderful opportunity for Lucas Mburu, a 2nd-year MATS student at CTS, to complete a part-time supervised ministry with us in partnership with Columbia Presbyterian Church.

Lucas’ internship focuses on “Building Flourishing Communities,” an…

Reading: Options, Options, and Options

Ebooks, Kindle, Audible, paperbacks, PDFs, hardbacks–there are so many options to choose from!   

When electronic books arrived on the scene, calls for the end of libraries and print books abounded.   

Yet today, both are still with us and their options…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Save Your Masks, and Your Stories

Recently, the New York Times published an article about how museum curators are already collecting artifacts from this year that they will use to tell the stories of what happened: the pandemic, the struggle against racist violence, the cracks in…

Vulnerabilities and Politics, Talking Politics Part II

Events of the past several months (the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic; the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks (among others) and the protests over policing, monuments, and the country’s long history of white supremacy that have followed; increasing incidents…

Is God in charge? Talking Politics Part I

At no point in my memory has our civic political life been as chaotic as it seems to be now.

And at no point in my memory have our civic politics wormed their way into more aspects of life than…

3 Ways to Ruin Your Child

Wait. Did that say “Ruin”? Yes, it did!

I first read 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Child and its sequel 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Teenager by Israel Galindo as a young minister, and I…

Henri Nouwen and Fun

Prolific spiritual author Henri Nouwen often reads sad, lonely, and anguished. But that belies the fact that, in real life, he was also a lot of fun.


When I tell personal stories about him or show videotapes of his…

“Quick, Chris! Take a picture!” Henri gleefully asked.