3 Ways to Ruin Your Child

3 Ways to Ruin Your Child

Wait. Did that say “Ruin”? Yes, it did!

I first read 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Child and its sequel 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Teenager by Israel Galindo as a young minister, and I…

Henri Nouwen and Fun

Prolific spiritual author Henri Nouwen often reads sad, lonely, and anguished. But that belies the fact that, in real life, he was also a lot of fun.


When I tell personal stories about him or show videotapes of his…

“Quick, Chris! Take a picture!” Henri gleefully asked.

Spiritual Friendship and Formation: Spirituality Courses and Programs at CTS

Feed your desire to deepen your relationship with God as you learn to assist others on their faith journey. 

In these extraordinary times, discovering a deeper relationship with God may seem more pressing than ever before.

The Spirituality Program at…

Can the Wisdom of the Past Speak to the Challenges of Today?

A lot of people are saying it: 2020 is turning out to be a doozy of a year.


Between the COVID-19 pandemic, our ongoing national conversation about racism and justice, concerns about restoring our economy in the wake of…

Divine Partnership for Women of Color in Ministry

My dad was a Methodist pastor.

As a result, my childhood was characterized by long car rides in which I was a passenger navigating the unique landscape of each church to which we were assigned.

One of my most worthwhile…

The Transformative Power of Higher Education

The writer Tara Westover wrote a riveting memoir a few years ago titled Educated.

It’s a story of how a bright and determined young girl escaped a suffocating childhood of fear and paranoia in a survivalist…

Lessons from the Wilderness for Such a Time

In the rush to reopen the economy, epidemiologists are warning of a second wave of the COVID19 infections that may be more severe.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, angry white protesters, preferring guns over facemasks, have been expressing their outrage over…

Embrace the Challenge of Getting Older

My parents died within the last decade and I watched them age over a period of 10 years with a plethora of emotions.

It was was a whole new experience for my brother and I, one for which we had…

The Gift of Years: Living and Working as an Older Adult

May is Older Americans Month. I am an older adult, 67 to be exact, and I am pleased with where I am in life. My body needs a bit more time and attention than I used to give it. As…

Let’s Talk About Butterflies

When I (Travis) was growing up, and we had discussed an unpleasant subject for too long, my mother would redirect the conversation by saying, “Let’s talk about butterflies.”  I don’t know about you, but I have consumed plenty of information…

Try Centering Prayer: Change. Anxiety. Fear… Freedom. Healing. Wholeness

I invite you to pause, just for a moment, pause.

Slowly, inhale a deep, full breath. Slowly, let it out.

Try it again. Close your eyes if you’d like. Slowly take a deep breath in, breathing in the love and…

Embrace the Good

In a February lecture at Columbia Theological Seminary (CTS) renowned Womanist theologian and biblical scholar Renita Weems paraphrased the term activist with this proclamation: “Change begins with a shock, loss, with a radical interpretation of what…

Managing Stress: A Bowenian Perspective

In the last several months, the world has been touched by coronavirus.

It has quickly evolved into a global pandemic.

This unexpected force has relentlessly disrupted the flow of commerce, changed the shape of education, revealed the inadequacies of our…

Imagination and Resilience: Your Keys to Success in Unusual Times

With such devastating pandemic news looming over our heads each day, how do we find ways to illuminate the shadow in the world’s mind? To regain, hold onto or spark a sliver of hope and resilience in these unusual times?

Meet the Team: The Faces Behind the Center for Lifelong Learning

The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Columbia Theological Seminary seeks to connect disciples as they learn in community.

CLL courses and programs give lifelong learners opportunities to engage in courses designed to assist with the daily challenges of…