An Act of Unselfish Love

An Act of Unselfish Love

I was in late elementary school – the years when one is old enough to recognize that hardships exist in life but young enough to think the world was all about me.

My mother had a close friend whom she…

And Jesus Wept: a good idea

There is a very poignant moment in Scripture that gets little exegesis, it seems, but it touches the deepest nerve of a people in mourning for the loss of the character of their nation. Like our own.

It is the…

A Playful Perspective

One of the ways we have been tending to our overall health and wellbeing over the last several months is by being more intentional about making space for play in our lives, which we confess is one of the first…

Practicing Kindness

In my sermon for Reformation Sunday (October 25th), the Rev. Fred Rogers was one of my key examples for the sermon titled “We are All Members of the Family of God.”

The line from his song reverberated with me.


Questions that Change Lives

In his book, Jesus is the Question, Martin Copenhaver posits that in the four gospels, Jesus asks 307 questions, was asked 183 questions, and only answered between three and eight (depending on what scholar you consult).

And yet, in ministry…

Praying Politically

Several years ago, I was part of a church fighting over marriage equality. The leadership wanted to bless marriages of all couples.

But their decision proved fractious and a congregational meeting was called to discuss rising tensions.

A prominent layman…

Stress and Anxiety in the Church

Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Church

Stress and anxiety have never been higher – in our country, in our families and in our churches.

There is always stress in our lives and churches, but today’s environment makes soaring anxiety…

Coaching:  We’ve Come a Long Way From Kansas, Dorothy 

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most-watched movies of all time, actually in the top three according to some rating agencies. 

Why would a 1939 movie still resonate with modern audiences?  

Yes, it is a family movie, lacks violence, and has a happy ending. 

Caregiving and Ministry: A Shifting Balance

From Mother’s Day 2019 to St. Patrick’s Day 2020, my husband and I cared for my mother in our home.

Her name was Louise, but everyone knew her as “Coffee,” a nickname she picked up in college because her maiden…

Tips for Effective Preaching

Preaching is tough in the best of times.

When faced with a global pandemic, political uncertainty, environmental catastrophes spurred by climate change, and economic disparity between the rich and the poor at an all-time high, preaching can feel near impossible.

Three stewardship tasks you should be doing right now

Do you find yourself worrying about what’s going to happen with your church’s budget post-COVID?

I’ve talked to many pastors who have this concern, even if giving is level or even increased in the short term.

Whatever the situation in…

Adapt and Thrive Through Coaching 

Our world is in crisis.

COVID-19 has left unprecedented challenges in its wake for leaders and organizations.

Sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and historic unemployment have become our current realities.

Adapting to the “new normal” requires retooling.  

Coaching is a great…

The Body of Christ and Our Bodies 

It was during another public health crisis, some years back, that a church friend walked into a meeting wearing a button that said, “The body of Christ has AIDS.”

Those words shocked and moved and inspired me. 

I realized how important it was…

Abuelo… en cuarentena

As the congregation moved from Mikell Chapel to the post-quinceañera reception, the young woman whose service we had just celebrated said to me, “Padre Bill, estás entre mis abuelos,” or, “Father Bill, now you are among my grandfathers.” 

Each week I can be found on the Cathedral Close…

Soul Tending: An Exploration of Practices for Spiritual Nourishment and Growth

We have entered into an unusual and deeply challenging season in the life of the world.

Whether we wanted to go there or not, we are now in many ways wandering this wilderness together and apart.

Many of us are…