The Holy Gaze of Art

The Holy Gaze of Art

Have you ever let words fall away?

I don’t mean a week long silent retreat or a time of quiet meditation in your day.

Rather, have you ever placed books, articles, podcasts, news and teachings of others aside to deeply…

5 Ministry Quotes to Use Right Now

It’s okay to be green:”

My Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor assured me after I relayed a mistake that I had made in a pastoral conversation that day.

I glared at her.

As I prepared to enter into my final year…

Stop. Listen.

Several roles define my life right now: wife, mother, student, minister, and friend.

Within all these roles, I use the skills learned in the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program.

Funny thing—I was in all these same roles during that training!

Processing Grief Part 2: Discovering Everyday Miracles

In August, I shared my personal experience of “processing grief through sweat and tears,” after my best friend told me in early June she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This month, I want to share my thoughts about processing…


“What exactly is Coaching?”

As a new coach, I get asked this question a lot; and while there are plenty of good responses, the easiest is, “The art of telling the truth.”

The poet Andrea Gibson summed up 2020 saying…

4 Lessons I Didn’t Learn from Seminary

I have spent a good deal of time pondering the statement: “ The things Seminary didn’t prepare you for.”

I graduated from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in May 1986 and was ordained in 1987.

Now that I…

Older Adult Ministry and Me

“I don’t want to do anything that involves children.”

I said those words to my field education director at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2006.

It’s not that I don’t love kids, but I had just finished teaching middle school…

Becoming a Better Teacher: What’s Your “Why?”

Among my most formative learning experiences were those related to swimming and waterfront activities.

I was motivated to learn and master skills: swim to the raft; dive off the high dive; empty a tipped canoe, paddle through rapids.

Eventually I…

How do I get them to change?

Here are three statements I’ve made more times than I care to admit about church members, colleagues and family members:

How can I get them to… If only he would… She always…


I said the second one to myself…

A Moment I’ll Never Forget

For me, the moment occurred when I was in college serving as a summer missionary.

I had been on a traveling team helping young people be leaders in their own communities.

Upon arriving to one location, our host began to…

It’s Hard to Pray When You’re Mad as Hell

Anger is the emotion that is generally most apparent when we try to strike back at the curve balls of life.

It is the most difficult emotion to manage since it can be either a time bomb waiting to explode…

How do I listen to others?

“How do I listen to others?

“As if everyone were my master speaking to me their cherished last words.” Hafiz


For those of us who offer spiritual companioning, coaching, therapy, or pastoral care, we spend a good bit of…

Processing Grief Part 1: Through Sweat and Tears

“I have malignant tumors of unknown origin…” read the text message below some beautiful photos and several other sentences from my best friend, who had just gotten back from taking her mom, whose health has been declining for the last…

Ways to Ruin Your Child

Wait. Did that say “Ruin”? Yes, it did!


I first read 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Child and its sequel 10 Best Parenting Ways to Ruin Your Teenager by Israel Galindo as a young minister, and I…

Caring for Wounded Ministers

In November 1993, the Federal government mandated state employment commissions to provide a higher level of services to displaced workers whose profiles indicate they need additional assistance in their transition to new employment.

The services included workshops that train recipients…