Siblings: What’s Your Birth Order?

Siblings: What’s Your Birth Order?

My younger brother told me that one of his most enduring childhood memories is chasing me on his tricycle while my friends and I shot away from him on our bikes.

What memories do you have of your siblings?


Staff Associate, Center for Lifelong Learning

The Staff Associate for the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) provides administrative support for lifelong learning course management and delivery, registration, and related processes. The full-time position reports to the Director of Lifelong Learning.

For a detailed position description, click…

How to Make a Choice

In Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) the concept of differentiation of self is all about functioning. One manifestation of the extent to which one is functioning in a self-differentiated manner is how well one can separate feeling from thinking. I…

The Growth of James McDowell Richards and Columbia

By Brian D. Hecker, Public Services Archivist 

In the summer of 1932, James McDowell Richards (1902-1986), nearing the age of thirty, accepted an offer from the Board of Directors of Columbia Theological Seminary (CTS) to become its president, a position he initially did not anticipate keeping for more than 5 years.1 Richards graduated from CTS…

“Baseball Card Book” Documents First Women Ordained in the Presbyterian Church

As a woman in seminary, Caroline Leach (’72) only wanted the same respect accorded to other students. Here, she shares about the challenges of being a student at Columbia Theological Seminary at a time when women were just starting to…

PANAAWTM 34th Annual Conference Update

April 29, 2019—PANAAWTM (the Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry) held its 34th Annual Conference at Columbia Theological Seminary on April 11-13, on the theme of “Journey toward Justice.” In her opening remarks, Dr. Haruko…

Dr. Haruko Ward - Word and Table

Women in Ministry: Clergywomen Need Community Part 1

This blog is a 2-part series discussing women in ministry in honor of Women’s History Month.


No Man (Woman) is an Island

Ministry is one of those jobs that can be hard for other people to understand, and given…

Life Illuminated: Finding Connections Between Imagery and Spirituality

As I reflect on my life, I notice a camera has always been there.

I received my first camera when I was about eight, primarily for traveling.

It was a Kodak point and shoot film camera.

My parents believed travel…

LIM Feature: Michael Lee Cook

This post is part of a feature series on Leadership in Ministry faculty.


Bowen Family Systems Theory offers a way of thinking that affects every aspect of leadership in ministry.

Workshops are taught by BFST experts and help participants…

The History of Black Worship

Where it all started

Theological reflection for Black people in the United States does not start with the great councils of Nicaea, Chalcedon, or even the 15th-century reformers.

While those have been important for many Christian traditions, for black folk…

Colloquy Opportunity for Early Call CTS Alumni Now Open!


Applications for the 2019-2020 Colloquy for Early Call Clergy for CTS alumni are now open!


As part of the Colloquy for Clergy series, this experience is for CTS alumni in ministry who are five to…

The Writer’s Block Antidote…It’s Not What You Think

When I first started writing fiction, I had a great idea for a story, and it felt like the whole story was alive in my imagination.

Each time I tried to write the story down on paper, though, the excitement…

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Congregational Health – Red, Green and “Black”?

Advent is upon us and a new calendar year is fast approaching.

Many pastors, especially in rural and inner-city churches, are seeing lots of RED, not nearly enough GREEN, and a complete absence of BLACK.

Red and green are two…

Grounded in Gratitude: The Benefits of Spiritual Formation

When I was asked to share about gratitude this month, I instantly thought of my experience with the Certificate in the Spiritual Formation program.

I continue finding to this day (and most likely for the rest of my life) experiences,…

A Layperson’s Guide to Practicing Gratitude

This post originally appeared in Faith & Leadership.


My wife and I recently relocated, which led us to visit a half-dozen churches in the past two months.

Each seemed to have a downside.

The music wasn’t that great,…

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