B638 Luke and African-American Interpretation

In this online intensive explorations course, we will critically read the Gospel of Luke from Africana and womanist perspectives with special attention to God’s visitation with the marginalized, the poor, people without homes, and/or masses ‘who stand daily with their backs against the wall,’ including women and people labeled as sinners. Reading Luke from Africana and womanist perspectives allows students to experience how people with a collective history and present existential experience with trauma based on the intersection race, gender, class, and sexuality read Luke to affirm God’s presence with them and to remain hopeful in, and faithful to, the God who is able to do all things and who visits with the most vulnerable. Particular attention will be given to Lukan material and how ‘Luke’/the author revised his sources for his purposes in the Gospel of Luke. Also, students will gain facility in reading Lukan texts within their literary contexts, with some attention to historical context. This course will also host a few guests who experienced homelessness, minister to persons who are homeless, and/or are activists.

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