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Doodling with God: An Active Prayer

Everyone can doodle! No skill required! The movement of coloring and drawing can help you center and see your unspoken prayers.

Below are two simple ways to begin.
You will need a sheet of paper (or a journal like this one!) and something to write or draw with. Crayons, colored pens, pencils or markers make this colorful.

Bring your full self to your prayer and rest for a moment.

Invite God to direct your prayer.


• Slowly draw a meandering line, let it wander all over the page. It will look like a big scribble, or
• Start by writing the name of someone you’re praying for. Draw a shape around the name and doodle by adding other patterns or colors.


Continue to add names and doodling your prayers. Notice the spaces created by the line pattern. Add the names of people or places or situations that come to mind.

Add color and patterns to decorate the spaces and ‘fill out’ your prayers. Allow your prayers to wander.

Praying in Color: https://prayingincolor.com/

Along the Journey