Gonzalez, Catherine

Dr. Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez

Dr. Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez

Professor Emerita

Email: catyly@aol.com

Office: 1974-2002 Professor of Church History

CV or Resume

Professor Emerita of Church History, Dr. Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez shares memories of many of the first women in theological education at Presbyterian seminaries (including herself) from the 70s through the 90s.


Leo and Gregory: Shapers of the Church, 1988, Book
A Faith More Precious Than Gold: A Study of I Peter, 1989, Book
Vision at Patmos, 1991, Book
From Death to Life: Themes for Lenten Preaching, 1991, Article
Historical Background to the Globalization of Theology, 1994, Article
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