Three Challenges Every Ministry Associate Faces

Three Challenges Every Ministry Associate Faces

May 3, 2018—I’m excited we’ll be offering the online course “Thriving as A Church Ministry Associate” (June 4 to July 6, 2018). Congregational ministry associates are second chair leaders. They are the lieutenants of the congregation who “get things…

Characteristics of Effective Learning Groups

It’s About Formation, Not Schooling

March 12, 2018—Every now and again I come across the call from enthusiastic, often dissatisfied, church educators to create within the congregation a model of seminary or “school for faith.” The motivation is an earnest desire to make Christian education…

Education by Israel Galindo

Lunar New Year for All Ages

February 8, 2018—Soon, for many of our sisters and brothers from the eastern hemisphere is the Lunar New Year celebration. I was blessed to be invited to a celebration last year by one of our students, Loann Nguyen, to her…

Lunar New Year Dragon

Why You Need a Christian Education Leadership Team in Your Church

January 29, 2018—If there’s one thing to learn from lone rangers, it’s that communal congregational life cannot be healthy and effective when one, two, or a few people run the show with agendas that do not consider the overall educational…

Education by Israel Galindo

Learning has a lot in common with eating

December 18, 2017—At a recent teacher development seminar for church educators a teacher came up to me after the presentation. He shared a challenge he faced in his adult Bible class. His class was made up of a variety of…

Education by Israel Galindo

Helping Children Deal With Grief

November 6, 2017—Agreement among my clergy colleagues is they would rather do funerals than weddings. And lately, it seems, most of the clergy I know conduct more funerals than weddings these daysat least so they report. A funeral often is…

Best Procedure for Teaching Facts

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education.

September 18, 2017—While facts are not altogether the most important thing in learning, they remain, nevertheless very important. Acquiring factual knowledge is fundamental, but not rudimentary….

Education by Israel Galindo

Talking to Children About Money

August 14, 2017During a conversation among parents about their children—now adolescents and young adults the issue of children and money came up. There were the usual rants about children not appreciating the value of money, anxieties about paying for college…

Caught By Surprise

August 7, 2017—Every once in a while I hear something in church that catches me by surprise. It’s usually not a good surprise, admittedly. More often than not the surprising comment reveals a disconnect between my perception or assumption of…

The Useful and the Beautiful

July 17, 2017—One of the courses I most enjoy teaching is on educational philosophy. It’s a course that is always interesting and one I think, when it connects with students, yields enduring understanding. Recently a former student wrote me to…

Beth Waltemath

What Kind of Thinker Are You?

June 19, 2017—Last week I heard someone ask, “How am I supposed to think about this?” That’s a good question. Often we’re asked about what we think about something, but perhaps a more helpful question is “How are you thinking…

Dawson and Moore-Keish Approved to Faculty Chairs at Columbia Seminary

May 24, 2017—During the Spring meetings for the Board of Trustees of Columbia Theological Seminary recommendations were approved to appoint Dr. Kathy Dawson and Dr. Martha Moore-Keish to occupy faculty chairs. Dr. Kathy Dawson is now the Benton Family Associate…

For the Bookshelf: Can Christians Be Educated?

The book addresses methods and assistance with obstacles that a Christian educator may encounter during teaching sessions and interactions with members of the congregation.

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

What Real Christian Educators Know

…”real” Christian educators need to know certain other foundational things to inform their work. Without a deep knowledge of these foundations educators will be hampered in their effectiveness.

Education by Israel Galindo

For the Bookshelf: Almost Christian

The book’s thesis states that teens are “almost Christian” because of a socio-cultural turn that has changed their understanding of faith in the Christian church.

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler