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Be Kind to Yourself

We’re used to hearing the importance of being kind to others.

We know all about the Golden Rule, treating someone the way you want to be treated.

I often wonder if we approach our own failures and short comings with the same grace we strive to give others.


We’re all experiencing additives to stress, anxiety and the unknown.

As these things will likely continue, one way we can counter their negative effects is to practice kindness within.

This isn’t giving ourselves permission to slack on our lives entirely and it doesn’t mean omitting everything we’re accountable to.

Being kind to yourself means acknowledging that you’re not perfect, mistakes are inevitable and bad days happen.

It’s allowing yourself space to mentally reset and experience grace for the things you can’t control.

It means giving yourself permission to grow through discomfort in hopes of a more positive outlook in the end.

It means recognizing that you’re human.  You can’t be all things to everyone and yourself simultaneously.


Here are a few examples of what being kind to yourself could look like…




With that said, remember to be kind to yourself today and always. Saturday (November 13th) is World Kindness Day. I invite you to consider more ways you can show yourself compassion for the remainder of the year.


ChassidyChassidy Goggins works to enhance and support the needs of organizations and high performers through digital marketing and media communications. She does this because she believes collaboration and innovation, coupled with strategy, are key in propelling people with vision forward. She currently serves as the Media and Marketing Coordinator for the Center of Lifelong Learning and enjoys the space it gives her to combine her faith and professional background to further the Great Commission. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, traveling, writing, searching for bakeries and binge-watching her favorite movies/shows on streaming services she vows to stop paying for.

Along the Journey