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Effective components in continuing education

Engage in an array of continuing education courses and programs designed to address the daily challenges in ministry and professional settings. Whether you want to dig deeper into a familiar topic such as Christian education or learn something more niche such as the Preacher and the Poet, these practical, post–graduate courses offer unique opportunities to continue your education.

We offer avenues of learning from courses, seminars, online courses, clergy sabbatical programs, scholars programs, consultations, workshops, retreats, pilgrimages, travel seminars, and certification programs. We understand that educating clergy goes beyond the delightfully heady challenges of academic study. The process of lifelong learning needs to continue beyond the awarding of a degree.

We’re invested in helping you grow as a leader. Below you’ll find the top components of continued education that we strive to incorporate throughout our programming.

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For a full list of CLL courses and programs, click here.

This post is adapted from Design for Clergy Lifelong Learning | Columbia Theological Seminary (ctsnet.edu)

Along the Journey