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Spiritual formation: Trust, Support and Guidance

The Center for Lifelong Learning offers two spirituality certificate programs in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation.

According to the CLL’s new Associate Director of Spirituality Programs, Sharon Junn, Spiritual formation is a process through which our awareness of God’s presence increases, our hearts become more receptive to God’s action and our capacity to partake in the divine nature grows.”

“Spiritual formation is not an idea.  It is real transformational experiences that happen best within a trusted community where support, guidance, and teachings are provided.  While the Spirit is the main leader of the process, our commitment, practice, and yielding are necessary.  The fruit of spiritual formation is to be awakened to God’s presence within ourselves and in all aspects of life that leads us to live a loving life with God in freedom and faith,”said Junn.

Persons interested in this program will discover the relationship of Christian Spirituality to compassion, justice and effective ministry.


Certificate Requirements

A Statement of Intent is required by participants wishing to complete the Certificate in Spiritual Formation. The program is designed to be completed in three to five years. Program components include the following:


Participants can also enroll in spiritual formation courses for personal enrichment. Unlike, Spiritual Direction, no application is required and the courses are open to everyone.

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Along the Journey