Christian Education: Values or Content?

Christian Education: Values or Content?

Tucked away in one of my educational psychology books is a Peanuts cartoon clipped from a newspaper years ago. It is a cartoon of Peppermint Patty, that endearing character who represents a teacher’s worst nightmare: the unmotivated student.



Education by Israel Galindo

Using Conversation in Teaching and Learning

When I talk to people about dialogical learning, they often reply, “Yes, we have great discussions in my class.” But discussion and dialogue, as learning methods, are different things. And then there’s conversation.

But conversation too can be…

Education by Israel Galindo

A Leadership in Ministry Q&A

The Center for Lifelong Learning interviewed Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, Israel Galindo (“Dr. G”), about the Leadership in Ministry Workshops, part of the Center’s post graduate Pastoral Excellence Program.


CLL: Can you share briefly what the…

seminary like Holy Week analogy

Big Ideas In Youth Ministry: Fearless Dialogues

August 28, 2019Fearless Dialogues is the theme of the Big Ideas in Youth Ministry Conference the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary November 5-7, 2019.

The conference kicks off Wednesday morning with Gregory C. Ellison II, Ph.D.,…

Shedding Light in the Dark Night of a Forced Termination

It is almost impossible for anyone to go through a forced resignation, the loss of one’s livelihood, the rejection by people to whom one gave one’s life, without feeling some depression.

This can show up physically in degrees of anxiety,…

Helping and Ministering At End-of-Life

I’d always known we were a death-denying culture. I learned that first from the classic work by Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death. I learned it again when I served as a hospice chaplain for six years, prior to…

How People Learn

April 29, 2019—One of the popular concepts over the past decade or so has been that of “learning styles.” It’s an idea that’s been around for many years in the field of education but it has come under criticism of…

Education by Israel Galindo

Have You Found the Key?

April 15, 2019—I’m the kind that’s wired with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. As a child one of my favorite books was Proverbs, in the Bible. My dad introduced me to it, extolling the virtues of acquiring wisdom. Seeking…

Education by Israel Galindo

Four Proven Strategies to Prevent Leadership Failure

March 25, 2019—Leadership is, arguably, an organization’s greatest asset; even in congregations. As much as we desire to believe otherwise, congregations tend to make little progress in terms of mission, new initiatives, new programs, outreach, or organizational health in the…

Education is Getting from Here to There

March 4, 2019—An acquaintance of mine recently completed his first semester of a PhD program. He’s a second career seminarian, with a strong track record of success in his careers. He shared feelings of insecurity and self-doubt as he observed…

Education by Israel Galindo

A Spirituality Reading List for 2019

A Spirituality Reading List by Fives

Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education

Someone recently asked me for a reading list of books on spirituality. I’ll start by confessing that coming up with this…

Why Bowen Theory is Useless

November 12, 2018—Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST), or “Bowen Theory,” continues to grow in its interest to, and influence among, clergy, denominational leaders, and seminaries. I think this is a good thing, overall. Many have found in BFST a frame…

An Interview With Cody Sanders About Ministry With LGBTQIA Youth

August 13, 2018—Rev. Dr. Cody Sanders taught the online course, “Ministry With LGBTQIA Youth” at the Center for Lifelong Learning in October.

He is the pastor of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church, and serves as the American Baptist Chaplain…


For the Bookshelf: The Labyrinth of the World

August 6, 2018—Born in 1592, John Comenius came from Moravia, within the modern Czech Republic. His life was marked with tragedy. His parents and two of his sisters died in 1604 from the plague. He was subsequently raised by and…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Online Learning: Convenient, Practical and Timely 

If you haven’t tried online learning for continuing education yet, what’s holding you back?

The Center for Lifelong Learning is offering eight additional online courses between now and the end of May 2019.

The topics are contemporary and classic ranging…