Don’t question people’s motives

Don’t question people’s motives

Years ago I read C. Ellis Nelson’s Don’t Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide ( New York: Paulist Press 1978).

At the time it was a counterintuitive challenge to a commonly held belief, that we should let our conscience be…

The power of questions in teaching and learning

There are two teaching behaviors that, once mastered, can help the teacher be more effective in bringing about powerful learning in the instructional setting.

These are both fundamental teaching skills (“basic”) but both seem difficult for many teachers to master.

Education by Israel Galindo

So what is Education for, anyway?

It’s been an interesting academic year for conversations about educational matters.

Between the systemic COVID disruptions, the frenzied debates about online models of education, curriculum assessments, and consultations with faculty and school administrators about curriculum and learning, attending conferences for…

Education by Israel Galindo

Taken By Surprise, A Common Story

Jack Sanders was a dedicated senior pastor of a congregation in a major denomination.

He worked hard for his faith and the churches to which he had been called as pastor.

He and his wife, Melissa, were called…

What Clergy Need to Thrive: Our response

Since 2017 the Center for Lifelong Learning has participated in the Thriving in Ministry initiative of the Lilly Endowment. Columbia seminar is one of 129 organizations across the country participating in this initiative.


The Thriving in Ministry…

The Wounded Clergy Retreat for Ministers and Spouses

The Center for Lifelong Learning will offer two Wounded Clergy Retreats for ministers and their spouses in 2022.

The retreat provides a relaxed atmosphere and confidential setting for healing and encouragement to ministers and their families who have experienced termination,…

Learning: Three Foundations

A consistent challenge when leading seminars and consultations for teachers and faculty is helping them shift from a teaching-oriented stance to a learning-centered perspective. 

While those are two sides of the same coin, focusing on learning and the learner, in…

Education by Israel Galindo

Moving On: Surviving the Grief of Forced Termination

As I began reading Moving On by Deanna Harrison, it only took reading the first page of the preface to see the connection between forced termination and grief was significant. It could be a beneficial resource for those who have forced…

The Fundamentals of Learning

I remember attending a panel on continuing education. One of the questions at the center of the conversation had to do with effective models for continuing education programs. Some sound ideas were shared, but many missed the mark, educationally speaking.

Creation Through a New Lens

I am not a visual artist.

I am not a sculptor, painter, or photographer.

I do, however, appreciate the work of those whose gifts make these works accessible to the world.

One of my daughters is a professional artist.


How long can you maintain excellence in ministry?

The power of peer-group learning is explored in the book by Brenda Harwood, D. Bruce Roberts, and others, So Much Better: How Thousands of Pastors Help Each Other Thrive.”

The book presents findings from the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Peer Learning…

The Presbytery of Wabash Valley

The Presbytery of Wabash Valley Ministry Formation Program  was created to meet the need for training Ruling Elders of the Wabash Valley Presbytery, Indiana.

The Presbytery needed an online program to accommodate the needs and schedules of ruling elders in…

The Hardest Lesson I’m Grateful I Learned

When she turned and dramatically pointed her finger at me, I felt the room began to spin.

“Tell us, right now, pastor!” she demanded.

“Tell us what you actually believe.”

Even my ordination examination on the floor of Presbytery had…

You’ve Graduated, What now?

You’ve graduated. You stared out into a crowd or intently at your screen as your name was called and your degree conferred. But what happens now? Mission work? Chaplaincy? Pastoring a small church? Teaching over the summer? More coursework to…

For the Bookshelf: It Takes More than Love

Like most pastors, prior to weddings, I meet with a couple several times.

Early in my ministry, I used a premarital survey that assessed people’s values and feelings and then highlighted various areas, like money, communication, or sex, that might…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler