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One day my life will matter to those who oppress me,

The injustices I currently face will simply be history.

One day my family will be treated fairly,

My kids will live a life of freedom and equality.

One day the laws will change, and justice will be served,

We will have equal rights, and our voices will be heard.

One day the killing and sexual harassment will cease,

The government will protect us, and the violence will decrease.

One day I will be known for standing up for what is right,

Like Apostle Paul, I am determined to make a difference; I will continue to fight.

One day we can coexist and work together for change,

Not look at those who are not US citizens as strange.

One day this world will be a better place for you and me,

People will focus on loving their neighbor as themselves, and we can live in peace.


~Erica McCrae, MAPT/MDiv Dual degree student


This poem is inspired by the book, Tell Me How It Ends, where a child shares about a family member lost to gang violence. The police and government did not fight for justice for the individual.

This post introduces the 16-piece Migration & Holy Week blog series composed by the students and instructors CTS Contextual Immersions J-Term 2022 Courses on Immigration at the U.S.-Mexico Border. Because of COVID, both the planned travel seminar and the virtual seminar joined for a fully online zoom-based two-week seminar. Instructors compiled, edited the offerings into this series.  We hope that this series that integrates our studies and themes of Lent will pose questions for all of us to contemplate and respond to in our life of faith.

Along the Journey